Thursday, May 24, 2007

Not exactly my first blog...

So I realized several things today.

1) I am a writer, so why am I not writing more things for people to read... even if it is just random stories from this life I live?

2) I do have a blog... on my myspace page... that I've set to private. So while that allows for some readership, it is problematic that some of my dear friends who have no interest in myspace can't read the things I've been writing about. So this is a solution to that. I'm losing interest in myspace anyways - facebook is much better, though it doesn't facilitate writing about my daily life as well as a real blog.

3) My best pal Steph uses this thing, so I figure if it works for her, it can work for me. Hi Steph!

So, I commit to you dear reader to offer my words to you. Some days they might be interesting and other days not. Sometimes I'm funny. Sometimes I speak of sad things. But no matter what, you'll always be getting some first hand insight into what's going on in my world. And I'll get some more writing in which may ultimately help me get rolling on a book idea or a freelance career... eventually.

More to come quite soon!


Missy Davis said...

Yayyy Melanie! Now, I can read all about your daily happenings!!

Marianna said...

did you know that you can get your blog postings on here automatically pulled into facebook so people can read them here or in facebook? check that out - the best of both worlds! i am happy i ran across this blog of yours!