Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bit of a Bookworm

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to read. So it won't sound all that strange to those readers when I tell you that I started rereading the fifth Harry Potter book a few days ago. After that, I plan to reread the sixth book. There's no need to reread books 1-4 because I've read all of them twice and seen the movies, so those stories are pretty engrained in my head. I'm doing all of this to prepare for the last book that is being released on July 21. Now do you see why it might sound strange to some people? I just can't bring myself to read the new one without completely remembering the stories from the previous books. I read book six in 2005 when it came out, and I just don't remember the details well enough.

I know... I'll even admit it... I'm a huge nerd sometimes. So last night I was in my bed reading a few more chapters before turning out the lights when something made me remember how we used to get those Troll Book Orders back in elementary school. Troll Book Order Day was like my favorite day. I'd look all through the little paper and circle all the things I thought looked interesting so that I could take it home to my mom to decide which ones to actually order. I'm pretty sure I got most of my Boxcar Children books through these orders. What I said earlier was wrong... the day the books actually came was my favorite day. I was more likely to get in trouble for trying to read my new books during class than anything else.

I miss those days. Back then, you could get a thick paperback for $3.95. You can't even get a meal for that these days. Well, except that I can... a kids' meal at Chick-fil-A fills me up for a whopping $3.27. But I digress... nowadays, a small paperback can cost you $8.95. Thank goodness for the Internet where you can find all sorts of discounted books. I love going to bookstores and spending hours flipping through books and perusing magazines, but in the end I'd just assume buy the book for 75% off on

You know, I can remember the first book I ever read. It was The Spooky Old Tree with the Berenstein Bears. I loved that book. I still have the copy I grew up with on my bookshelf. Inside the front cover is my name, scribbled in my youthful handwriting. I also remember how I made myself a secret cubby hole to read in... except it probably wasn't as secret as I thought. I'd climb in the bottom of my closet where I had placed some pillows to sit on and rigged a flashlight to hang down so that I didn't have to hold it. I'd read in there for hours.

I guess reading the Harry Potter books feeds that small child that's still inside of me somewhere. I love getting lost in this world that's so different from my own. It reminds me of why I've always loved reading in the first place as well as I why I will someday write a book in the hopes that some reader somewhere will enjoy it. Happy reading to you all.


michele MD said...

I loved Book Fair days and the brightly colored order forms that magically appeared every month, enticing little kids to buy more books (not a bad thing). Too bad adult books aren't as cheap or as fun..

The GoodNight book was my first "read"

Missy Davis said...

I love reading too. I must admit I don't read as much as you, but I still love it! And I loved the book orders at school too...that took me back!