Wednesday, June 27, 2007

If you ain't dippin', you must be trippin'

I got a little flash from the past this afternoon when I was driving back to the office from making a run for chocolate milkshakes at Chick-fil-A (have I mentioned I love my job?). I had just turned on the radio when "Da Dip" started up. Do you remember that song?

I'm pretty sure I remember listening to it at an eighth grade dance. I have to admit, it's not really a great memory. Middle school was definitely my least favorite years. Not only was I a skinny girl with short hair, glasses, and braces, I really and truly looked like a boy. So needless to say, I ventured to school dances in a group of girls where we proceeded to stand around the cafeteria watching other people dance and probably all anticipating when our parents would be back to pick us up. But at least we made the effort to be socially involved, right?

The crazy thing is how I could remember almost all of the words. My favorite lines were always "Back again with the second verse/ It's all clean so I'm not gonna curse." Granted, he doesn't curse. However, I wouldn't call the rest of the song clean. I'm sure at the ripe age of 13, I didn't quite get the innuendos of the song, but listening to it today I couldn't believe that they played it at a school dance! Nor can I believe that it was popular over TEN years ago... I feel old all of a sudden.

But alas, there was something catchy about the repetition of the song: "I put my hand up on your hip/When I dip, you dip, we dip..." or maybe we liked that not only did the song give a beat to dance to, it also told you how to dance. Ha, kind of like the "Tootsie Roll" song. Though as we got older, it evolved into the "Macarena" and eventually the "Cha Cha Song" (that I'm sure we did at least 3 times at senior prom).

This led me to thinking about other songs I remember listening to in middle school. I think that's when "Cotton Eyed Joe" came out. I also liked Pearl Jam's "Better Man." Remember "Crazy Sexy Cool" by TLC? Pretty sure this is when "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls got them famous. I'm also sure many of you remember the skit done to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in your Club Pride days... One of my personal favorites that I still listen to is Blackstreet's "No Diggity." Verve Pipe, Boyz II Men, Seal, Chumbawamba, Savage Garden... oh how the 90s gave us good music. I love listening to Back in the Day Sunday on 107.5 on Sunday nights... it's amazing what songs you forget about that you knew and loved 10 years ago!

Happy music listening to you all. Hope you enjoyed a little walk down musical memory lane.

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smc said...

Club Pride! Oh, I have def. taken a trip down memory lane. Man, did EVERY middle school in the country do that skit?