Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In Memory of Chelsie...

Some of you know that my kitty cat Chelsie died on Friday afternoon. She was about 15 years and 4 months old so she certainly lived a long, full life. But my family was still sad to see her go, and it was an emotional day for us.

We got Chelsie when I was 8 and my sister was 4. I can still remember how excited we both were about going to pick her up. Before then she'd just been a Polaroid picture sent from the woman who bred Himalayans. We couldn't wait to get her home, and I remember that drive back from Dickson took forever!

She had to quickly adjust to being in a home with two children - we liked to carry her around like a baby or try to make her be still so that we could cover her with a blanket or put doll clothes on her. She learned to just let us do what we wanted and not put up a fight. Sweet cat, that Chelsie.

One night we'd gone off and mom left some pork chops to thaw in the sink. When we got back, we found that she'd torn the plastic off, removed one of the pork chops, and cleaned it to the bone. I'm sure mom was a bit concerned about her eating a raw pork chop. We thought it was funny she didn't eat for a few days.

There was also the time that Meredith tried to give her a haircut. She almost snipped her ears and part of her tail off that day. Then one time we put her in this toy chest and forgot about her, the next day fearing that she was lost for good. It was a happy moment when we found her.

Chelsie was never really a lap cat, but she'd come sleep at the foot of the bed or curl up beside you on the couch. She liked sitting in the bathroom while you took a bath.

She'd stare at her food bowl until we walked away, only eating when we weren't watching. She loved my grandparents' cat Titus when she was a kitten and they'd bring him over (even though he was afraid of her). She liked the crunchy pieces in Lucky Charms. She had the loudest, sweetest purr. She was certainly a happy cat who was well-loved.

And we knew she loved us. Chelsie always seemed to know when we just wanted to have her around. She'd come walking in and curl up on the bed and just sit.

I've had that cat for the biggest part of my life, so it's certainly strange that she's gone. She was like a member of our family. But I won't forget her and she'll always be the first cat I ever had... the one I grew up with...

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smc said...

You put the cat in a toy chest and forgot about her?!?! Oh well, I know she was well loved just the same. She will be missed.