Monday, July 9, 2007

Back from Holiday...

So I spent the last week just outside of Tampa, FL on Indian Shores Beach with my family. We had a terrific time relaxing on the beach, going out to dinner, and taking a trip over to Universal Studios in Orlando. This picture is of me and the sis waiting to watch fireworks in St. Petersburg. As most trips tend to do, we came away from the week with some memorable quotes. Granted, you kind of had to be there for some of these to be funny, but here are some anyways:
  1. "Pooh.. as in Winnie." ~ me
  2. "Dad, I peed in my pants a little." ~ Meredith
  3. "You know how some people introduce themselves with nicknames like, 'hey, my name is Alex but you can call me Spider.'? I think I'll start saying, 'hi, I'm Ben, but you can call me Beain.'" ~ Ben, poking fun at Meredith's talent of turning Ben into a 2 and sometimes 3 syllable name
  4. Ben: "Meredith, are you a horse?" Meredith: "Nay."
  5. Dad: "m&m?" Meredith: "M&M?!"
  6. Me: "Is there going to be music with the fireworks?" Ben: "This isn't Disney World, Mel."

We had some good times. It was fantastic to not have anything to do all week. I even reread the last two Harry Potter books since book 7 is about to come out. I know, I'm a nerd. Whatever.

Now I'm back home and back to my job, where it seems that although I only missed 4 days it is as if I missed a whole two weeks. How does that happen, especially when I was totally caught up before I left?

Not to mention I move on Saturday... and have just started packing today. If anyone wants to put things in boxes, do come on over. Or if you'd like to volunteer some strength on Saturday, I could always use a few hands with getting everything in the trailer and then back out of the trailer at the new place.

Look for more interesting posts soon, promise. I'm sure I'm going to be running around 24/7.. seriously, I'm sure I'll be spending a few late nights packing and making a few trips to the house to finish some cleaning before the move.

Although I'm already a little bit tired from another manic Monday, I'm feeling good. I just feel like good things are going to be happening over the coming months. Stay tuned...

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smc said...

Haha, I laughed all the way home thinking of "My name is Ben, but you can call me Beain."