Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday in Chicago

Our story about one of the most fabulous girls' weekends ever ends on Sunday. Steph and I were awake and lounging about in our pjs by around 8am or so again. It seems that even though we all email back and forth constantly (as in several times a week, sometimes maybe even twice in one day) AND make the occasional phone calls AND follow up on each other's day-to-day musings on blogs and facebook, we still feel the need to make the most of our time we get to have together in one location. So awake we were trying to cram in some more girl talk between best friends before time to part once more.

We spent our afternoon having lunch and wandering around town a bit with Stephanie's Harvard friend Zach. He has just recently finished school and was in town to take the bar. I had met Zach at the New Year's Party in Boston this year, so it was nice to see him again. We spent a lot of time talking about the bar over lunch (where I had a terrifically delicious chicken BBQ flatbread pizza). My question of the day was how many people from Harvard actually fail the bar. The answer is 1%. My guess is that those are the people who don't show up on exam day. I'm sure Zach did just fine.

After lunch, we walked over to Michigan Avenue so that I could duck into the Borders and purchase the new Harry Potter book. Don't worry - I'm not saying a word about it (even though I finished reading it last night). I'll save my thoughts on that for a bit longer so that you all have time to read it. We had a lovely time enjoying our last bit of time together and seeing a bit of the city.

Next thing I knew, we were on the bus... and then the train... heading back to O'Hare. These weekends always go by way too quickly. However, they always send us each our separate ways with another collection of good memories about our sightseeing, our conversations, our laughs, and our wild and crazy nights out on the town. These women mean a lot to me and certainly shape me into the woman that I am today. I know that sounds all sappy, but I mean it. I especially know that part of why I am how I am these days is because of the friendship that Steph and I have maintained for 10 years. She has taught me so much about being a true friend, about having confidence, about not being shy... Well, regardless of who else realizes it, I am certainly more fully myself than when I was 14, and part of that is the maturity that comes with age and part of it is other things that life has brought to me... but another part of it is definitely Stephanie. And I'm also so very thankful that Amanda is now part of my life because of her, too!

I don't have to say that I hope we always stay close... I know we will. These girls' weekends will keep on happening. We'll keep tearing up the Internet with countless emails back and forth. We'll make the most of free long distance on cell phones. No matter where we live, what we do, or who we're with, our friendship will stay strong. And it's in knowing this truth that I can come home from a weekend such as this one with a big smile and look forward to the next one. I often say that my relationships are the most important thing to me in my life, and these girls continually remind me of all the reasons why relationships are more fulfilling than anything else I could possess.

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