Sunday, August 5, 2007

Reasons Why I'm Still Living Out of Boxes

I moved on July 14. Today is August 5. My dining room is still full of boxes. Normally, this would have driven me nuts, and I'd have stayed up late every night for like a week to get everything put away. But that has not been the case. There are numerous reasons why everything is still in the dining room and why if you were here right now you'd think the place looked terrible.

A - Between the move, work, traveling to Chicago for a crazy girls' weekend, and trying to spend time with a friend who was moving away I have not really had the time to spend unpacking or the energy to have to focus on what I'm doing... because those of you who know me well know that there has to be a method of organization as I put everything away. If I didn't do that, I'd never find where I stuck anything. It has to make sense... this house is big.

B - This reason is kind of part of the above reason... I haven't really been home long enough to get more than a box or two done. The boxes I have unpacked were mostly only because I HAD to find something in it. I'm not complaining. Allow me to offer a sublist of my recent social activities:

1. My weekend in Chicago, which I've already highlighed for you...

2. I recently went to my first Frist Friday at the Frist Center. I'm really determined to start taking advantage of more of the cool things that Nashville offers. It was an evening well spent in pleasant company. We got to check out the current exhibits, enjoy some yummy chips and dip, and check out a concert by Anthony David. I had never heard of him, but I definitely came home and downloaded some of his music.

3. I have met with someone about some volunteer work I'm doing (more to come on this later), went to a meeting with my investment representative and made some semi-important decisions about money, and have started my marathon training for the next marathon I'll be running in December.

4. This weekend I got to see a friend who lives in Knoxville and was in town for a few days. I hadn't seen him since Steph's wedding last summer so it was fun to catch up. We ran into someone he knew at Chili's which was funny. He brought me a really cool shirt he got when he was staying in China for a month.

5. I went to the Nashville Zoo yesterday. I hadn't been there since the 4th grade. I was really surprised it cost $13, but it's a non-profit kind of place so we definitely didn't mind since it's for the animals. There's something really fun about watching monkeys swing on ropes and appreciating the size of elephants. I was a little grossed out by a few snakes and spiders in the reptile house. There was a really cool bird show where I saw like the biggest owl. (That's why there is a picture of an owl above.) It was a hot day, but I really enjoyed checking out all the exhibits. Except the leopards and red pandas... they were "inside cooling off." But I checked out the meerkats for quite a while... I like them. Sam provided some excellent company for checking out all these critters. He had never been to the zoo in his years here, so we HAD to cross that off his to do list before he left Nashville for good.

C - I just figure that my stuff isn't going anywhere. Yeah, I don't like the clutter. But sleep and work and running and the above mentioned social activities ranked a little higher on my priority list. My stuff will still be here when everything else is done. (I am going to start working on it today.. it seems like a good idea for a Sunday afternoon.)

D - I need some help with a few things like hanging pictures and putting in shelf paper. For whatever reason, I really struggle with getting shelf paper cut and stuck down well. My mom is a pro though. Granted, I can still get everything else unpacked and put away, but the kitchen is at a stand still until that shelf paper is down.

I'm out of excuses though. This will be another busy week with work, running, a dentist appointment, a hair cut, and possibly a few dinners with friends... but I think I'm finally caught up on my rest and that all of the unusual happenings in my life have leveled out. So it's time to get busy. I'm determined to be productive. If I don't have pictures posted of how good everything looks within 2 weeks, someone needs to start harping on me about it.

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db said...

I've never understood shelf paper. And I want that house spic and span when I arrive because you know when I get home, there will be no more time to unpack.