Friday, August 31, 2007

Requirement for Life: Sense of Humor

Getting dressed for work each morning is a pretty simple task for me. Jeans, check. Chacos, check. T-shirt, check. This morning, I couldn't help but smile as I pulled out this coral shirt that reads "Girls Just Want to Have Fun." (We won't dwell on the fact that the text is perfectly located over my chest, ha).

This week has been INSANE. I'm not really complaining. I don't wake up and pray in the morning to have a crazy day, but in some ways they certainly keep you on your toes and keep life interesting.

It's really just been one thing after another at work this week. Case in point:

- We got a computer virus that got all five of our computers. I knew it was serious when Bob told me to call someone to come in and fix it. We were rendered inoperable for an entire day. Amazingly, I still managed to find plenty of things to do. I cleaned out my file drawers. I really couldn't cram another sheet of paper in them, but believe me I would have tried. Then I rolled a bunch of change that had been collecting in the breakroom drawer for years. When there's only 5 of us around here, surely we don't need like $200 in change for the coke machine... that we stock ourselves... and empty the change container back in the drawer when it gets too full. Needless to say, mr. computer virus (because any other name we have for it shouldn't be spoken here) did a nice job of shutting us down for a day and caused my stack of work to pile up.

- One of our credit cards was declined. When I called to find out why, I was told we exceeded our credit limit and the account was closed. Yes, you read correctly - CLOSED. I'm very good at being perfectly polite during these kinds of phone calls so I turned on my southern charm but also pulled out a good dose of tact as I questioned why our account was closed when we had just gotten to bill in the mail and saw we needed to pay up today. I did toss out a sentence or two about it being pretty shady of them to close our account without notifying us, especially when we pay in full and on time every month. Needless to say, the account is being reopened, and I am positive that the customer service rep I dealt with was by far the most lovely customer service rep I've ever had to call. She was a good example of how they should handle calls.

- I pretty much did my job operating off of 3 computers the past few days. As we worked out the kinks from the virus, certain programs wouldn't work on certain computers. I'm pretty sure I got an extra half-mile run in just from all the back and forth I had to do.

- Apparently the computer virus killed some of our equipment so we're behind on something to do with building the cabinets. I don't know much about all of this, but Bob keeps making comments about how there couldn't have been a worse time for all this to happen.

So, despite all the hold-ups and problems that we encountered this week, we still managed to keep things rolling for the most part and really aren't all that far behind. However, it has been more exhausting than when everything just works perfectly. I think that I am sastisfied in some way by going home at the end of the day knowing that even though things didn't go smoothly, we still managed to tackle it all and take care of things. I find my job to be very fulfilling, but there's this greater sense of accomplishment you feel whenever you get through those really tough days, you know?

I think how you deal with the issues life throws at you ends up coming back in your direction in some way. You really do have to keep your wits about you in the face of everything going wrong and have a good laugh about it. If you don't, it's going to make you nuts. You have to find the will to give it all a good laugh. And in the end, it all works out and you can see that it was a good thing you didn't stress over it. A word of advice... be nice to everyone, no matter how much is wrong and how many things are making you want to pull your hair out that day. I had to make two phone calls today to service providers for some of my personal bills and talked to two more of the nicest customer service reps ever. Not only that, I managed to get 3 new phone features as well as a higher speed Internet for only $2 a month more than what I pay now. That's certainly something to smile about, and I think when you put good things out there for other people, then other people give good things back to you. (I'm talking more about how nice the people were on the phone than the extra features for dirt cheap, but those are nice things, too!)

The reason my shirt selection made me smile so much this morning is NOT because I'm a Cyndi Lauper fan (the guy at the tire company today asked me if I know all the words to the song... I don't.) It's because I know that when it comes down to it, life is meant to be enjoyed. Even when you have the biggest headache because someone else didn't do what they said they would do, or when something you ordered doesn't arrive on time, or when you are fighting a war with a computer virus and want to find the person who created it and hang him by his toes... there's still something to smile about and plenty of reasons to enjoy the life you've been given.

I won't lie though... I am certainly glad that it's a 3-day weekend, and this girl is ready to have some fun!


db said...

All I could think when I read this was "Oh, poor Daddy, poor, poor Daddy!" I think he is working all this weekend, too. With Matt. I think he and Matt will get to know each other QUITE well, especially if the Bob gets frustrated. Eek! Ah well, you gotta love him!

smc said...

Southern charm and a sense of humor are like ductape (sp?). They can fix anything.

Huzzah for long weekends! Doing anything exciting?