Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yooouuu check your facebook...

My sister told me to check out this video the other day, and it made me laugh pretty hard. It's some guy that she knows from school who's written lyrics about facebook to the tune of some other song by Soulja Boy (apparently I'm not in the know these days about the hot new rap music because I'd never heard of it.)

Anyways, it's pretty funny. I have to be honest... I maintain my myspace account, but it's true that I pretty much stick to facebook. His song gives some good reasons as to why. Enjoy. (And yes, these kids have way too much time on their hands.)

Crank Dat Facebook

1 comment:

smc said...

ha ha ha! I love his hand motions when he's poking.

And sorry I've been MIA, school came back full force. But I am not screaming "Nooooo!" to your proposal, so go for it. :) I know you know what I mean.