Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A little free speech for the day...

I like to think I'm fairly even-natured and that it takes quite a bit to get me worked up. Today, however, I am very irritated with Dish Network. They were just fine the whole time I had their service, but since trying to cancel it back in July they have quickly become a huge headache. They've crossed the line.

Here's what's happened in a nutshell:

July 1 - Call company and tell them to disconnect service on July 15 (the day I had already paid through). Listen to them try to offer me other plans. Interrupt several times to say I just want it cancelled. Finally am told it will be and that they will ship me a box and UPS label to send back the receiver. Give my new address for them to ship box to.

July 15 - Receive bill for the next month's service. Call them to remind that it was disconnected so I shouldn't be billed anymore. Told I will be issued credit. Also told box/UPS label on its way.

Aug 15 - See that I got a credit for the charge, but it's not for the entire amount. Call back to ask for the remainder of the credit. Explain to woman that I cancelled service on July 15, so I should be credited the month of July 15-August 15 and not just part of it since I shouldn't have been billed in first place. Told my service wasn't disconnected until July 23. Tell her I'm not concerned about when they got around to turning it off... I gave them a date and was told that was the last day I was held accountable for. Get the remainder of my credit. Find out boxes were sent to my old address. Give new address... again.

Aug 31 - Call to check on box/UPS label again. It was shipped to my old address... again. Give new address, yet again.

Sept 11 - Receive MasterCard bill with charge for $295.81 from Dish Network. Call and find out this is because they haven't gotten the receiver back. Explain to them this is because they won't send me anything to get it back to them. Demand UPS label to be emailed to me. Check email for it while on phone. See that it still shows my old address as my contact info (not surprised). Demand a credit to my MasterCard since it's not my fault they don't have it back. Told that they can't credit it until 7-10 business days after they get everything back.

Sept. 12 - Ship back the damn receiver. UPS tracking number in my hand to check daily and print out page when I see it's been delivered. Call MasterCard to file a dispute for the charge. Clearly I have to cut them off at the source to get any sort of point across that they're the ones not doing what they should, not me. I will not be penalized for their mistakes.

Later tonight... will write unpleasant (although still kind because I'm not a heinous bitch) letter to someone very high up at Dish Network to inform that I've disputed the charge, the receiver is on its way (no thanks to them), that I will not give them $295.81 or be charged a finance charge or anything of the sort because it's their fault they didn't get it back, and say a few words regarding the quality of service I've received. I specifically want to know why they NEVER got my new address entered.

I'm not one to normally rant this much, but good grief! Thanks for letting me vent to you kind souls. I feel much more peaceful now. I'm sure it will all work out... they'll get the receiver... they won't get my money... MasterCard will take the charge off so I won't get any finance charge or late fee... and I will never recommend their company to a soul. But boy this stuff is a headache. I guess it's all part of life, but these people clearly had no idea that I don't put up with crap.

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smc said...

Get your snapping hand ready and do your best "oh no you DI'INT."

Disputing the MC charge is the way to go. I hope you get this worked out soon!