Monday, September 3, 2007

My Thoughts on Shopping

I trust that everyone had a good Labor Day weekend. There are a handufl of stories I can share from mine... there's the one about all the employees at the Y taking bets on just how far I was running on the treadmill the other day. Apparently when there's only like 6 people working out, and there are 8 employees working, they amuse themselves with such games. No one was dead-on... they all guessed even numbers. I like to be different.

There's also the one about the guy hitting on me shortly after the 9-mile run. Note to all the gentlemen out there: when I'm dripping with sweat and have hardly caught my breath, it's not really an ideal time to be putting on the moves. Then again, it reminds me of a comedian my sister told me about the other day. It was something along the lines of "when a guy sees a cute girl, he thinks 'I've gotta move now! I'll never happen across her again!' But when a girl sees a cute guy, it's more like 'ok, so Tuesdays at 9:18 am next to this tree in front of the KUC' and then she makes plans to just happen to be there again the next week." He made a good point. So I guess I'm not really going to complain, but really... let me get a drink of water first so that I can get my name out.

I could also tell you how I slept for about 13 hours the other night. I hadn't done that in quite a while, but after a hellish week combined with not feeling well it seemed like the thing to do.

Nope, my story today is about shopping. I don't enjoy it. I am one of those very unusual girls who hates the color pink, would rather wear running shoes or flip flops with everything, and that really doesn't enjoy shopping. But nonetheless, a girl has to have certain things so I'm required to do a little shopping on occasion. Today was that day.

It all started today with a picture frame. I thought I'd check and see if this frame I'd found at Hobby Lobby for an oil painting I have was on sale. Sure enough it was, so mom and I headed out to get it. Then I figured I might as well duck in Target and see if they had any new running clothes since I had a few things on my list. Sure enough, I found some white shirts, and for only $12.99! Then after a quick lunch at Demos' (including Reese's pie), I thought I'd stop at Best Buy to use my gift card I'd had for a few months. They had a ton of movies on sale for $4.99, so I walked out with FOUR. Best Buy is conveniently located next to Dick's Sporting Goods, so we stopped in to see if they had any running pants. Well lo and behold, they did! I found these great black running pants AND a pair of shorts. And since the shoe store was right next store, we headed in there as well.

I may dislike shopping, but I REALLY don't like shoe shopping. I hate it when I need shoes because they never have what I want when I go looking for them. BUT - when you sneak up on them all nonchalantly you find everything you need. I'm not kidding. Yesterday we had stopped at a store on our way to the pool just to check for some black sheets I want, and I found two pair of shoes that were exactly what I'd been needing and they were on sale. Then today, I happened across a third pair of something else I'd been needing on CLEARANCE.

I sat down in the store and called Stephanie right then and there. Steph is my friend who enjoys shopping, and who really has this obsession for shoe shopping that I'll never understand. I knew if anyone was going to be excited over all the successful shopping I experienced, it would be her. Not only that, but I knew she'd be proud of me for buying new shoes. When we were having our weekend in Chicago, I didn't wear my black sandals out on the town... I wore her's. They really did look better. I really did feel like I should do better at buying cute shoes to go with the cute clothes I have. And she was proud... not to mention wondering why she was doing laundry and reading about law when she could also be out shopping!

Two hours later she called to spill about her purchases. It was kind of funny... it reminded me of how when we were in high school I'd just happen to call her to ask how the chemistry problems were coming along, mostly to help her remember to do them. Except that today it was taking advantage of Labor Day sales. But that's what best friends are for, right?

Well, this girl is pretty much all shopped out for a while. I'm still looking for black sheets and wouldn't mind a few more items of running clothes for cold weather since I'll be running a race in the cold this year, but I'm sure I'll sneak up on those items when they least expect it, too. For now, it's back to work for me because someone has to put the shoes on my feet and the food in the kitty cat bowl.

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smc said...

Too funny, I was just working on a post about how you saved me from missing the Labor Day Sale.

I love the image of you sneaking up on a shoe store all nonchalantly. I don't think I could do that, since they all know me by name...

And thanks again for the call!