Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Trip to the Vet

I took Tucker to the vet today. I'm still a bit miffed that it costs more to take my cat to the doctor than it does for me to see a doctor, but all that aside I'm thankful that he's going to be just fine.

First of all, did anyone else know that a cat's normal body temperature is around 102 degrees? I guess that explains why I wake up in the middle of the night with incredibly hot legs because he is curled up sleeping between them. (Side note: a guy once told me that this will drive my husband crazy someday. He was really concerned that I should try to break this habit of Tucker's soon. I'm not especially worried over this. Tucker will learn his place.)

Anyways, Tucker had a fever at 104.5 degrees. I had to leave him for the afternoon so that they could do some blood and urine tests and figure out why an otherwise healthy-looking cat had such a fever. Upon my return, they still weren't completely positive (that's always reassuring). Apparently he has bacteria in his urine, but his bloodwork didn't indicate a urinary tract infection. (Another side note: is it just me or doesn't bacteria in the urine kind of cry out that there's some sort of urinary infection regardless of what the blood may say?) The vet thought the infection may not have progressed much yet (making it harder to pinpoint) and was glad that we could take care of it before it did.

We were sent home with 14 days worth of antiobiotics (in pill form, no less) to force him to swallow. They are supposed to be strong enough that they'll knock out any kind of infection he may have. He did well with the first one I gave him.

I know having a cat is nothing like having a child, and I also know I am certainly glad all I have right now is a cat. But making sure he's ok is a big deal. While he is only a cat, he's MY cat. I'm rather fond of the little guy, and I knew he wasn't feeling well. I'm glad to know that he should start perking up in a couple of days. Besides, we're having our first guests next weekend, and I'm sure he wants to feel like himself so that he can be a good host. :)

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smc said...

Poor Tucker! Glad that they didn't find anything serious, but it is annoying when they can't find much of anything at all. I'm guessing UTI, so hopefully the pills will knock it right out. Anytime a cat pees outside of the box its a warning sign for a UTI.

Good Luck!