Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I dream a lot. I'm talking like it's unusual for me to wake up and not remember at least one of my dreams. And I dream in color. I read somewhere that most people dream in black and white. I can't remember what it says about me that I see colors, but I hope it's something good.

Anyways, I usually dream about people I know or something that happened or that I'm anticipating happening. If I talk to someone right before I go to bed, I often see that person in my dreams. Same thing goes if I spend time with anyone in the last few hours before bedtime.

Last night I had a bunch of dreams. I kept waking up and thinking, "Wow, that was weird." The only one I remember though was about wasps.

I've been finding a lot of wasps in my house lately. This doesn't really please me, especially since I know Tucker is likely to play with them before I find them and I don't want him to be stung. Most of the time they're laying on the floor but aren't quite dead yet. They meet their doom when I flush them down the toilet. One day one was still crawling around, but he couldn't fly so I squashed him with a fly swatter. It gave me a real "protector of my territory" sort of feeling, ha.

So last night I dreamed about going after a wasp with a fly swatter that was still in flight. He landed on my shoulder (almost like a bird might) and out of the corner of my eye I could see him getting ready to sting me. In the dream, I have a flash back of the time a fly landed on my leg when I was at Opryland and I got really scared because I was like 8. It didn't sting me, but I didn't like having a wasp touching me. Anyways, then I grab my shirt to pull it away from my body and he stings but it doesn't get me since my shirt is lifted off my shoulder and his stinger isn't long enough to reach my skin.

Next thing I know I'm awake and I have flung my covers off of me, I suppose in some subconscious attempt to swing the wasp away. Tucker was curled up beside my legs so I'm sure he was a little confused when the comforter was suddenly thrown over him. I realized I was awake and there was no wasp on my shoulder and promptly went back to sleep.

I guess maybe the wasps in the house were bothering me more than I thought, haha. It's crazy sometimes what's in my dreams. I think the old tale is that if you tell about your dreams before breakfast, they'll come true. Don't worry... I've already had my cereal.

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Lougan said...

I'm allergic to such stings.. Like the "home alone" kid in "my girl"