Wednesday, December 5, 2007

100th Post

For my 100th post, I offer you 100 random facts about yours truly. I have lovingly stolen this idea from Stephanie, who stole it from her sister, who stole it from someone else... what a fabulous blogging community!

1. My favorite color is green.
2. Therefore, my car is green.
3. It's a 2001 Cougar with only 61,000 miles on it.
4. I joke I'll drive it until it dies or I have kids, whichever comes first.
5. I'm thinking it won't be the kids.
6. I love chocolate.
7. Chili's has the best molten chocolate cake dessert.
8. But my favorite restaurant dessert is Demos' Raspberry Bash.
9. I don't like coconut, mostly because of the odd texture.
10. I'm the oldest of two children. My sister is 20.
11. I was born on a dark and stormy Friday the 13th.
12. I have a solid black cat named Tucker. I'm not kidding. Jet black, green/yellow eyes.
13. I'm not the least bit superstitious.
14. Tucker is the most affectionate cat I've ever known, not to mention incredibly vocal.
15. I have a B.S. in Journalism with minors in Office Management and French from MTSU.
16. I'm not using my degree at all right now, but I will someday.
17. I graduated Summa Cumme Laude. It was a big deal at the time, but I never think about it much now.
18. I graduated as Valedictorian in high school. Steph brags about this to everyone I meet.
19. Steph is my best friend.
20. She knows me better than any of my other friends, and her opinion always counts.
21. I still don't always listen, but she knows I value what she thinks more the other people.
22. Danielle and Aleesha are my best girlfriends here in TN.
23. They're always fun to hang out with and talk to.
24. I'm not planning on pursuing any higher education because I don't need to in order to be a freelance writer/editor and famous book author.
25. I still don't think my parents understand this.
26. If I ever wake up one day and feel like I need a masters, then I'll go get one.
27. I run marathons.
28. My first Nashville marathon in 2005 was finished in 5:12:43.
29. My second Nashville marathon in 2007 was finished in 4:56:17.
30. I'm planning on blowing both those times out of the water on Saturday in Huntsville. (Edit: I did. 26.2 miles in 4:31:23.)
31. I might try trail running next. Or maybe the Chicago or NYC marathon.
32. I think it'd be fun to work for a magazine in NYC someday.
33. But it wouldn't be fun to be so freaking cold in the winter there.
34. I tend to be cold-natured.
35. I suppose I could dress more warmly.
36. In college I was in Alpha Delta Pi.
37. I swear it was nothing like Greek life as you see it depicted on tv.
38. It's more like a bunch of girls getting involved together with service projects, social activities, and leadership positions on campus.
39. It was through ADPi that I got the position of the SGA's Homecoming Director.
40. Some days I remember that job and still wonder how I pulled it off.
41. But it was a hell of a lot of fun.
42. My big sister in ADPi is Serena and my little sister is Lena. Both are beautiful, sweet girls.
43. My sister joined ADPi when she headed to MTSU as a freshman.
44. Now we're like sisters twice.
45. I volunteer weekly at Mercy Ministries.
46. It's a terrific organization and it's a blessing to give my time to it.
47. I like mocha fraps every now and then.
48. I also enjoy a good milkshake.
49. Some of my friends tell me I'm really patient.
50. This is probably true, but I sometimes feel impatient with myself for being so patient.
51. Cozumel in Smyrna is my favorite mexican restaurant.
52. I learned to not eat there after running.
53. There was an incident one time. Steph was there.
54. My appendix was removed when I was 8 on New Year's Eve.
55. Not exactly my idea of a fun way to ring in the new year.
56. I'm not sure what I'll be doing this year. Last year I was in Boston.
57. I hope to visit Steph in Boston again before she moves.
58. There was a time when I wanted to be a teacher.
59. It was when I lined up my Care Bears on my toy chest and taught them math.
60. I hate math. I realize it's useful, but I'm terrible when it comes to anything more than balancing my checkbook.
61. Ironically, part of my job is accounting. (QuickBooks is a beautiful thing.)
62. I work as an Executive Assistant for a cabinet company.
63. My first job was as an Admin. Asst. at a risk management firm.
64. It was good for the first couple of months. Then I saw the truth about how things worked there and wanted out.
65. It took a few months to find something new, but my quality of life improved exponentially when I changed jobs.
66. Sometimes I use math terms like "exponentially" so that others don't realize I have the math skills of a second grader.
67. It's similar to my French skills, despite 18 hours of coursework en francais.
68. My magazine subscriptions include SELF and Runner's World.
69. Sometimes I think it'd be fun to spend some time working as a personal trainer or some other fitness job.
70. It'd also be kind of cool to run a dance studio.
71. I used to be a ballerina... and tap dancer.
72. I remember thinking that maybe some day I'd do it professionally.
73. I'm literally too old to try now, but I still have some moves.
74. My favorite shoes are my Sperrys and my Brooks running shoes.
75. I do like to change it up sometimes with some terrific heels.
76. I go back and forth sometimes with being a bit of a tomboy and being all woman.
77. Like how some days I don't wear make-up.
78. I hope my natural look is still pleasant for others to look at because I like it just fine.
79. My favorite TV show was Friends.
80. I own all 10 seasons on DVD.
81. I still laugh every time I watch an episode.
82. Now I enjoy How I Met Your Mother as well as LOST and Grey's Anatomy.
83. Other than this, I prefer movies and books to television.
84. I really enjoy grabbing a meal or coffee with friends.
85. I also really enjoy giving people gifts. It's so fun to pick something out for someone that you know she/he will really appreciate.
86. I'm done with all my Christmas shopping already.
87. But it doesn't mean I won't pick up a few more things.
88. I'm pretty independent and think I have a healthy take on appropriate boundaries.
89. I've been having the best year of my life, but I would still like to hope that next year will only be even better.
90. I can be pretty cheesy in my sense of humor at times.
91. I definitely laugh at myself and laugh a little harder when someone else laughs, too.
92. I really enjoy a lot of different types of music.
93. I like to sing along.
94. I had a lead in the musical my senior year of high school.
95. I had to kiss a boy. I like kissing boys, but usually only the ones I'm actually dating.
96. We made it look believable anyways, I hope.
97. I constantly try to learn and grow, hoping that I can become a better version of myself ever day.
98. I make mistakes and experience set backs on some days.
99. But I still keep trying.
100. And I hope that because of this that I'm constantly growing into someone who can better appreciate this life, all the people in it, and that can give much love and joy on a regular basis.