Friday, December 14, 2007

Taking It Back

This morning I got in the car for my 6-8 minute drive to work (depending on if I get behind the bus or caught at the red light) and found that both of the Christmas music stations were on commercials. So I started scanning and landed on a station playing KC and JoJo's "All My Life."

Suddenly it was sophomore year of high school, and I was at the Homecoming dance that I had helped plan and decorate the cafeteria for through the student council. There was this guy there who was actually a sophomore in college, but he had come back (it was Homecoming, after all) and came to the dance to catch up with old friends and favorite teachers.

His sister, a friend of mine from the track team, introduced him and he asked me to dance. It was my first time to ever dance with a boy. I remember that song was playing.

I didn't see him again for a few years until I was dating the guy who lived next door to him. After the relationship ended, I think this guy took me on a date once and then we ended up being friends for a while.

I hadn't thought about him or any of this stuff in years, but that song brought it all back. Isn't it interesting how our brains work? It's crazy to me how a song, or a smell, or a breeze outside on a spring day can take you back to a very specific moment in your past. It's almost always something I hadn't thought about in ages.

The smell of bacon upon waking almost always reminds me of Christmas morning, as that's about the only time we ever woke to a cooked breakfast. (We were fans of PopTarts.)

I can't listen to DMB's "Bartender" any more without remembering hearing it live a few years ago and dancing in a misty rain with dear friends.

There are certain Tim McGraw songs that remind me of a guy who waited too late to make his move and how disappointing that was for us both.

Every time I hear "you're too good to be true... can't take my eyes off of you.... I NEED YOU BABY!..." I'm taken back to age 15 and am singing along with Steph in the halls of LHS, probably irritating everyone around us and not caring the slightest bit about it.

Anyone who ever starts a prayer with "Our most gracious and kind heavenly Father" reminds me of Coach Evans, and then I'm somewhat surprised when it doesn't end with "and may we hold our heads up high with Wolverine pride, in Jesus Christ, Amen."

Listening to Coldplay's "A Rush of Blood to the Head" reminds me of a time when I was hurting more than ever before. (But I can hear it now, remember that, and feel glad about how I came out ok in the end.)

I could keep going. I'm sure you all have experiences with this. It's weird really, how all the things in our lives can be so intricately intwined in ways that keep us from ever really forgetting things from long ago. I hope I'll still be remembering all sorts of crazy details from my life when I am old and grey.

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smc said...

May we hold our heads up high with Wolverine Pride, in Jesus Christ, Amen!!! OMG I started laughing so hard when I read this. I think I'm going to do an entire post about Coach and his pre-meet traditions (remember the long poem he would read?!). I'll be sure to give you credit for reminding me, of course!

I remember that Homecoming Dance, too. I went with Trey. I wore a black top and a green patchwork skirt. Wow... such memories. Nice post.