Friday, January 4, 2008

A New Toy

So I got a new computer!

Ok, it's not really mine. My computer at home is still humming merrily along and serving all of my computer needs. (I think it heard me mentioning that I want a Mac and decided to behave itself in order to prevent an untimely death.)

It's a new computer at work!

Ok, so it's not really even new. It's the Bob's computer that he had been using. He got a new one.

BUT! It works easily and does everything I want it to and when I want it to! No more staring at an hour glass waiting on it to do something.

Although, we've been having some issues with the new server Bob also bought and therefore this week has been a bit crazy.

The point is that once all the kinks are worked out with the new system, everything should run much more smoothly around the office. It makes me so happy when things just work and work quickly to boot.