Monday, January 7, 2008

On Writing.. and entertainment... and feelings in general

Forgive me if I jump all over the place with this one. My thoughts are jumpy today.

I haven't been feeling well for the past 4-5 days due to some sinus troubles inflicted by this crazy TN weather that's jumping all over the place. Remember my 11 degree morning last week? We're hitting 70 today. Insane.

I was so congested Saturday night that I didn't sleep well, so I spent most of yesterday on the couch. Many people who know me well know two things: 1) I aspire to have a career in writing someday; and 2) I don't usually watch tons of tv.

Over the past two months or so, I have been watching all of the seasons of Grey's Anatomy on DVD. I watched a few episodes yesterday, and I'm now down to only having about 10 episodes in season 3 left. (I actually started watching it on tv this season.)

A lot of people who aren't interested in this show make mention of it being a doctor soap opera revolving around the romantic aspects of the characters' lives. I suppose technically this is true, but the writer in me sees SO much more.

There's a reason why so many of us become obsessed with music, movies, or tv shows. Sometimes it's unhealthy, true. But I think that in some ways it's all a part of this big human experience. Nothing can take the place of the real people in our lives, but sometimes our friends and family can't relate to something we may be experiencing. However, we're not alone. Someone somewhere has likely experienced the same thing. And I think that our entertainment sometimes captures the essence of those experiences in a way that we can relate to... in a way that maybe offers us some better understanding of what we think and feel...

So last night I was thinking about grief. If you don't want to know what goes on in season 3 of Grey's, then don't read this next part. Over the past 10 episodes, Izzie loses her fiancé, George loses his dad, Meredith loses her mom and almost her own life... of course death is part of any "doctor show" on tv, but the beauty I see in this one is how well the writers have been able to paint a picture of how different people deal with grief.

Izzie lies for hours on the bathroom floor before finally changing clothes and going into a baking frenzy. George slips into a state of denial and then gets married on a whim. Meredith insists to everyone that she's fine and throws herself into work.

Whether it's grief or joy or anything in between, we all deal with it differently. I think it's pretty fantastic that we can see examples of that in our entertainment. There's a reason why some of us tear up when we watch certain things on tv or in movies... it's because we get it. We identify with it. We know what it feels like. The same is true for laughter.

I got to thinking about the times when I've dealt with loss. I'm not like Meredith - it's hard for me to just distract myself. I'm not like George - I'm probably less likely to do something on a whim if I'm upset about something. I'm probably more like Izzie... prone to picking a spot and staying there, turning over every feeling in my mind and heart before finally picking an activity I enjoy and doing it to help get through the day.

The last time I was truly blue over something, I found myself popping in my Friends DVDs. That's absolutely my favorite show, and I love how it ALWAYS makes me laugh. They say that when you're sad, that being able to laugh will help you to begin to feel happier. I think that's true.

And what do I do when I'm happy? I sing. I dance around in front of the mirror. I have a bounce in my step. I smile for no real reason at all. And I laugh a lot. The good news? I think life is certainly full of ups and downs, the moments with bounce and the moments spent laying on the bathroom floor... but all in all, I think in my life I have more of those bouncy moments. And that makes me smile no matter how sick I might be feeling.

This would be a good time to tie back in how all this evolved just from watching a few Grey's episodes, but I think you get my jist. Thanks for reading these random thoughts today.

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Brett Evans said...

I get the same fix from watching 60 mins. hahah jk I am the same way.