Monday, January 21, 2008

She's Got Skillz...

I'm not in the habit of making multiple postings in one day, but I couldn't resist sharing this one...

Today I went to a local favorite restaurant to pick up lunch since we had a customer in making cabinet selections. I eat at this place pretty often and know some of the people in there well enough to sit and chat while I wait on the order.

Today I managed to walk out of there with fried okra. I know what you're thinking... that doesn't sound like anything special.

Oh, but it is... fried okra is not on their menu. Ever. Once a week they have stewed okra, but they didn't even have that today. The manager himself cooked some up for me and even made a special dipping sauce. (I know... I've never dipped okra in anything either, but it was worth trying.) Both were exceptionally good. In fact, it was even better than Cracker Barrel's fried okra. Wow. That's saying something.

So yeah. It pays to have some skillz. (Does anyone else remember that song? Granted, the lyrics are a little on the vulgar side but most of you know me well enough just from reading this on occassion to know my skillz are on the classy side.) I mean, it's not every day you can sweet talk a manager into cooking you something they don't even offer.

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Kevin said...

I love fried okra. I'll go one more step and say I love stewed okra, boiled okra, pickled okra...any of it really.

Tell me more about this dipping sauce.

P.S. Thanks for reading my blog and for not forwarding emails about Obama's secret Muslim identity.