Wednesday, January 30, 2008

UFOs, Others, and weird things in general...

For those of you not living in the greater Nashville area, we had a VERY windy and rainy day yesterday. The rain was steady, and the wind was rough enough that it looked like the stoplights were going to fly off their cables.

I experienced an incredibly freaky moment on the interstate last night. There were no other cars. Four lanes of traffic and there wasn't a car to be seen in front of me or behind me. Granted, it was raining, but not so hard that I couldn't see a decent ways down the road. I had this weird feeling like the road had been closed and I wasn't aware of it or something.

THEN - it had been lightning off and on, but suddenly there was a flash that lit the whole sky up in this really strange green color. I immediately said out loud, "Maybe it's a UFO!" Of course, I don't really believe in such things... And then I thought about how in the Harry Potter books there's always a flash of green light when someone uses the killing curse... But the smart and less creative girl in me finally spoke louder than my more imaginative and fanciful thoughts and pointed out that lightning probably hit something that had a green sign or something. Maybe it was one of those stoplights that were swaying frantically in the wind.

All of these unusual happenings are kind of fitting considering the big event of this week: the season premiere of LOST. Two hours tomorrow night. Heck, two hours tonight of the season finale from last year. I'm pretty excited. This is by far my absolute favorite tv show (one of the few I actually watch). I love the mystery and suspense. I love the flashbacks (soon to change to flash forwards this season from what I've heard) and learning about the lives of all the characters. I love finding out who the Others are and how they got there. I love how I know that it's not going to all make sense until the end... three years from now. Good grief, by that point I'll be 28.

If you haven't seen the first three seasons, I wouldn't recommend you try to start watching now... you'd be so lost. (Haha... lost. Danielle has pointed out to me recently that I'm notorious for cheesy puns.) But I do recommend you get the seasons on DVD sometime and start watching. Unless you don't like weird, suspenseful type shows that keep you guessing for years.

PS - One of Letterman's "Fun Facts" last night: "It's estimated that by the year 2009, every commercial will feature Peyton Manning." I laughed so hard.

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