Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Birthday Blog

Happy Birthday to my best friend Stephanie, who turns 25 today! I'm not sure when you should stop discussing a woman's age, but she and I are in the same year, and I don't yet feel it's taboo to discuss it so I'm assuming she doesn't either... ha.

If you know me or Steph at all (or have read previous posts we've both written with references to one another) then you know that she and I go back over 10 years. I don't think I ever could have known that day in math class just what she would come to mean to me over the years. Stephanie is the kind of friend that I'll still have around when we're old and grey and have grandkids to talk about incessantly. Or at least cats. :)

Distance hasn't even been able to deter our friendship. We haven't lived in the same place as each other since June 2001. We somehow manage to make sure to see each other a few times a year I must admit - it's pretty cool to not only get to visit with her but to also check out cool places like Boston and Chicago. (And I guess Knoxville... I went there to see her a lot, too.) we email constantly. Despite the differences in location, time zones, and current marital status we still find time to make sure we know what's going on in one another's life.

I have so many really great memories that include Steph... there's way too many to try to list them here. We've shared a lot of happy and exciting times. We've been there for each other when things have been hard or sad. I'm sure there have been times when we've been less than perfect (but who's really perfect anyways?) but we're the kind of friends who can forgive and completely forget that any kind of conflict or whatever even existed.

She and I know each other really well. We get one another's jokes. We feel free to be completely ourselves. I know that I can talk to Steph about anything. She won't judge me for whatever I think or feel. She'll offer really great advice when I need it. She won't be offended if I decide not to take it. :) We're capable of carrying on multiple conversations at the same time, which is a pretty neat trick.

My world wouldn't be as colorful and fulfilling without her. I know she was intrical in helping me come out of my shell in high school and develop a little more of the extroverted traits that she possesses. She's definitely been a positive influence on my life and someone who has helped me become the woman I am now. I look forward to many more years of friendship to come.

So happy birthday to Stephanie! I know we'll celebrate many more "together" even if we never end up in the same place again. (But you should know that I keep my fingers crossed that maybe one day we'll at least end up in the same state again.)

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smc said...

Thanks, Mel! I wish I could see you more often. Until then, keep burning up my email wires! Love ya girl