Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Thoughts

~ I ran 6 miles yesterday and then discovered that my left knee is aching in the IT band area. I had problems from Jan-March last year with my IT band, except then it was my right knee. Maybe my IT bands don't like the winter. I don't blame them. It's cold.

~ Registration for the Chicago marathon opened today. I'm seriously considering it. Some of you still think I'm crazy. Allow me to share part of my marathon mantra that's taped on my fridge (though I have no idea where I found this little diddy):

"At mile 20, I thought I was dead.
At mile 22, I wished I was dead.
At mile 24, I knew I was dead.
At mile 26, I realized I had become to tough to kill."

~ It was very exciting to finally see a new episode of LOST when the season premiere came on last night. Except now I'm more confused than ever. And I have a feeling I'm going to stay confused over the next 3 years as the show plays out. And then I'm probably going to have to watch all 6 seasons back to back so that I can try to make sense of whatever the conclusion is... but wow, what a good show!

~ I'm digging Ingrid Michelson's song "The Way I Am."

~ I'm enjoying a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks, purchased with a gift card I got for Christmas. Ah, how sweet it is to have a Friday treat and it be kind of like extending Christmas.

~ I know it probably won't happen, but I'd really like to see the Giants win the SuperBowl. And I'm looking forward to the commercial I heard Justin Timberlake made.

~ I'm spending around 12 hours throughout this weekend with my friend Danielle indulging in one of our favorite little obsessions: Seth Cohen. I know what you're thinking... what 24-year-old watches The O.C.? Well, that'd be both of us. Danielle missed season 4 when she was living in England so we're making up for it by watching the whole season this weekend. So sad the show is over. It only got better without Mischa Barton.

~ I caught Anne Geddes for a few minutes on tv while I was eating lunch. The interviewer asked her how she got started in photography and her response was, "Well, I was 25 which is relatively late in life..." Late? 25? Seriously? I know I have a few months to go til the big 2-5 myself, but I still feel like I'm in the part of life that can still be characterized as "early."

~ I'm already tired of campaign commericals. I'm curious if over the next few years that'll be a less popular medium for campaigning. I mean, if I had a TiVo you better believe I'd skip all of them.

~ I wish everyone a lovely weekend!


Lena Warnock said...

I love all your random thoughts...let's get together again! I already miss you!

Love you, diamond!

smc said...

You should def. run the Chicago marathon! After all, I'll be in Chicago, and so if you're in Chicago, we'll, heck! We'll both be in Chicago!

What other reason could you need?

Hope your IT band feels better.