Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Effects of Zumba

So last night I decided to try a new class at the gym. Several people had told me that the Zumba class is a lot of fun and provides a good workout, so I gave it a shot.

Basically, it's a cardio class that uses dance moves to music to work up a sweat. We're talking dances like salsa, cha cha, and rumba. I have to say that it really was a lot of fun. I worked up a sweat and my heart was pounding, but it wasn't quite as good of a workout as a good run. I still really enjoyed doing something different than my usual routines. On top of that, I occasionally miss taking dance classes, and this reminded me of the old days of dancing. There was much shimmeying, popping, and jumping.

Here's the thing. I had some crazy dreams last night, and I think the Zumba may have had something to do with it. I dreamed that I had all these people over at my house. There were a lot of people there that I know in real life but that I haven't seen, spoken to, or even thoughts about in years. Then Steph and her husband were there, only Steph looked just like she did when we were 15. There were some newer people in my life there as well. For whatever reason, we were doing a lot of shimmeying and shaking at this gathering, only there was no music or other real reason to be doing anything resembling dance.

It was... odd. I woke up about 4am thinking how weird it was to have that sort of dream, and then I remembered all the shimmeying I did in Zumba class and it made a bit more sense that I dreamed about it.

And I won't lie... my hips might be a little sore today.

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Lena said...

What gym do you go to? All of my friends are doing the zumba classes, and they love it! I'm actually not in a gym right now, but I would love to join one...I'm taking a poll to see which one is the best!