Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Reading Corner

I've always been an avid reader. During my school days, I spent summers going through book after book. I was a nerd that loved the Accelerated Reader program. Even once I got into college, there was still something nice about doing a little leisure reading.

I won't lie... I don't read quite as much these days. It's not for lack of desire or good reading material. It's more that my life has evolved into one that includes a hodge podge of activities and events. Between work, running, volunteering, and social outings I don't end up with quite as much free time for reading. I do still read. It just takes me longer to get through a book. Or I get distracted by my Runner's World magazine.

In the spirit of staying on top of both my reading and my blogging, I'm taking on the Spring Reading Thing. It's a novel idea if I do say so myself (pun completely intended) so I'm glad to have a venue to set some reading goals and share with my readers how things are going. I'll try to put up an occasional post about the books I finish.

Here's what I'd like to read over the coming months:

~ Cut by Nancy Alcorn and Starved by Nancy Alcorn (These books are both written by the founder of Mercy Ministries)

~Soul Cravings by Erwin McManus (a book that tempted me to buy it at B&N, something that pretty much never happens to me)

~The Life You've Always Wanted by John Ortberg (a woman who was always like a big sister to me recommended this so I've been meaning to check it out)

~To Do List by Sasha Cagen (I love making lists. This book is all about the lists people make)

~The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis (I LOVE Lewis, but have yet to get this one read)

Happy reading to anyone else who decides to join! I'm looking forward to a little accountablity to make some time somewhere to get my nose in the books.


legallyheidi.com said...

o.O that sounds interesting! I'm definitely going to sign up! :)

Crazy Daisy said...

thanks for the list! The "to do list" book will go on my "read after graduation" list :-) hehe

Katrina said...

A friend of mine recently read that John Ortberg book and told me that it is fantastic and that I absolutely *must* read it. So it will have to go on one of my future lists. :) Thanks for joining SRT '08!

smc said...

Good idea! Let me know how those go and if there are any I should pick up. I'm right in the middle of a historical fiction, "The Historian" that Amanda gave me for my birthday. It's really good for just a fun fictional read, which I definitely need right now.

sue said...

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