Friday, March 7, 2008

Ready to Party it Up

Welcome to my blog! For my dedicated readers, I'm doing something a little different today. I'm attending the Ultimate Blog Party! Come along, and let's have some fun!

Born and raised in the Nashville, TN area, I'm a southern gal through and through. From my travels and adventures in other states, there's something unique about living below the Mason-Dixon line. We really do love fried foods and sweet tea, but I promise we don't run around barefoot and in overalls. (Although, I prefer bare feet or at least flip flops in the summer!)

One of my hobbies is running, which as you can see has influenced the title of my blog. I've done three marathons and a handful of halfs. I think that life really is a lot like a distance race... sometimes it's easy and other times hard, sometimes you love it and sometimes you hate it, there are ups and downs, straightaways and curves, and in the end the most important thing is to take one step at a time toward the finish line. I also find it's always best when you can keep a smile on your face.

If you really want to know some random details about me, read my 100 Things for my 100th Post.

My blog consists of a lot of random things. Sometimes I like to tell about adventures I've had when traveling to visit friends in other places. Other posts offer details of weekend activities or something interesting that I may have encountered in my day. I sometimes share things that are on my mind, or maybe I'll tell about a favorite memory involving friends. I try to post pictures of various things I have seen or done. You never know what you might get, but I like to think it's usually interesting.

I'm rapidly closing in on being a quarter of a century old. I'm not married yet (so no husband or children stories at this point), but I sometimes have a fun dating story to share. I work full-time, volunteer weekly, and run 4-5 days a week. My cat Tucker keeps me company at home, and I have an amazing circle of friends.

I post pretty often, so feel free to come back and read about the adventures of this young, single gal in TN. I welcome comments and feedback, and I certainly enjoy invitations to your own blog party!

Prizes I think would be cool to win:

#117 - The $25 Target gift card offered by Mommy Bytes
#20 - The $50 gift certificate offered by
#60 - The $25 gift card offered by Judy

After that, it's 31, 39, 59, 68, 114, 129, 140, 70, 79, 91, 101, 104, 107, 92, 128, 132, 135, 148, 52, 56, 41, 3, 9, 49, 45, 67 and then after that anything else is baby/mommy type things and since I'm not a mom I'd have to say that if I won one of those prizes I'd take it and gladly give it to a good friend who is a mommy. :)

22 comments: said...

hey gal! awesome blog and kudos to you for running 3 marathons! I did my first last october and am still trying to decide when i want to do my second.

Happy partying!!

Tracye said...

Mmmmm, fried foods and sweet tea!

Congrats on the running. I only run to the fridge! :)

My mom lives in Nashville; I was just there in January and I LOVE IT! So many things to do. We went to the Frist to see an art exhibit.

Love the blog!

Me & my puppies said...

Sounds like you are having a good time in this game with call life...

Me & my puppies said...

we call life... (sorry to much partying!)

PamperingBeki said...

Nice to meet you!

(My dh works in a cabinet company too.) :)

Happy Blog partying!


BrineS said...

Inviting you to Party With Me!

Win Chocolates:

Win a handmade pocket place mat:

Join me this month at A Cup of Joy for Missions Month:

Storm said...

Big kudos to you for running marathons. The thought just terrifies me.

Happy blogging!

Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

Thanks for inviting me over; it's nice to meet you.

I, too, am a Nashville girl born and raised (although I've been in other areas of TN these last 7 years) and a Southerner through and through. Kudos on the marathons! Running one is one of my life goals, but at the moment small children and pregnancy are holding me back...alas, there is always an excuse. :-)

I hope you will stop by the party at my place ( Enjoy!

A Juggling Mum said...

Hi, I just came in for the party, thanks for inviting me :)

It was lovely to meet you.

Rachel xxx
A Juggling Mum

Vicky said...

It is awesome that you have run 3 marathons already. Thanks for inviting me to the party.

Vicky said...

It is awesome that you have run 3 marathons already. Thanks for inviting me to the party.

Quirky is a Compliment said...

Well well! Fancy meeting you here! Some party huh? How's everything going over there in Nashville? Have you talked to Steph lately? I think she'll be glad when parody is over!

Anyway, must mingle. See you later!

Cherrye said...

Wow. You run 4 or 5 days a week?!?

Um, me too. :-)

Enjoy the party and come see me in Italy sometime soon (at my place!)

Jodie said...

The title of your blog drew me in. I'm fascinated with The Marathon Runner. Running one is on my list of To-Do-Before-I-Go. (At this point my longest race was a 10K but I was thrilled to finish that!) I love to run - and I'm glad to meet another runner!

I'll come back soon to peruse - maybe after some party dust has settled.

Debbie Yost said...

Thanks for coming to my party. I remember 25 (I think). I am not into running. Actually, I hate it. I can't even get myself to walk on the treadmill. I think it's great you enjoy it so much. That is a lot of work.

I hope you have a great party and make lots of friends!

Crazy Daisy said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog party today! It is lovely to meet you!

Marathons! Very cool! I love running, but have never ran THAT far :-). I'm hoping once I'm done with school I can at least try for a 1/2!

Troy and Heather Cady said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by our blog! It was great to "meet" you! Hope you are enjoying the party.

Mel's World said...

Hey Melanie,

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me in Mel's World with Melissa Mashburn!

I love to see your energy and excitement about life, marathons, and living in the South. I was born and raised just south of Louisville, KY so I am pretty familiar with the great state of TN.

Nice to meet ya!

Gloria said...

Hi Melanie, happy blog party! It is so nice to meet you :)

Debz said...

Great post! Hope your enjoying the party! I’ve been meeting tons of new people! Hope to try to visit at least half of them before Friday! You never know when you may meet a forever friend. Pop by for a visit if you get a chance! Enjoy your day!

Susan said...

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I really like your too. Looks like lots of fun! I will definitely be a regular visitor! :)

sue said...