Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Some Random TidBits

Today I have a few random things to share:

1. Last night at dinner my dad says, "Your mom has shingles." I thought I must have heard wrong and I asked what he said. "Shingles." Ok, so I did hear him say shingles. I asked him again what he was talking about and he repeated himself very slowly. I was like, "I heard you. I just don't know what you're talking about." Apparently shingles is this sort of measles type thing you can get and have to clear up with prescription drugs. The problem for me was that everytime he said shingles, I was thinking about roof shingles. So I was confused.

2. I'm wearing flip flops today for the first time this year. This pleases me.

3. A song on my shuffle came up today that I knew I had on there but don't hear often. I was paying attention to the words when I heard the guy say "Life ain't a track meet, it's a marathon!" It made me smile. So true.

4. I don't usually keep up with the news too much, but I'll read the captions on CNN while I'm on the treadmill sometime. Today, they had an "alibi expert" on there explaining how Gov. Spitzer could have prevented himself from being caught. I could NOT believe this. What are we saying to the viewers across our nation? Is it ok now for our leaders to do illegal things as long as they hide it and we don't find out? That we're trying to teach them how to cover their illegal activities so that they don't get caught? Yet one more reason why I'm anti-media.

5. While watching American Idol this year (the first year I've ever gotten interested in it), I realized that a lot of the contestants are 24. Clearly, if I had wanted to take a shot at being on the show, I should have done it this year while I'm the prime age. Oh well. I suppose I'll stick to rocking it out in the car instead. (And in case you care, I think Michael, David A., Brook, and Carly are some of the best talent on the show.)


Jana (sidetrack'd) said...

I wore flip flops for the first time today, too. It makes me smile to think that Spring is just around the corner. Hoping that these nice mild temps stay with us a while!

db said...

Are you crazy??? What about freaking Jason Castro, the hottest, coolest, most rockingest guy on the whole show?? How can you forget that he covered Jeff Buckley??? (I give David A. a gold star for his Lennon cover, as well. But he's just not as hot. This definitely matters.)