Monday, March 24, 2008

Upon Dating

So Steph did this Dating Meme thingamajig and despite the fact that I'm not currently dating anyone to be all gushy about (or married), I figured I have some good stories I could share. In fact, some of my faithful readers may remember me talking about my dating history (albeit vaguely) here and here.

BTW - I can't believe that NO ONE has commented on the possible NKOTB reunion post!

Ahem. Let us begin.

1. What is one life lesson you've learned while dating?
That when I find the right guy, I'll know it. And he'll know it, too. And he'll ask me to marry him. :) Ok, but really... I think that over the course of my years of dating, I've become more and more sure of myself and also more and more sure of what I'm looking for in a best friend, a partner, a companion... Sometimes it sucks to be one of the only people in my circle of friends who isn't married, but in the end I know that my man is out there and we'll know when we found each other. In the end, that's what matters to me. He'll be worth the wait. (But that doesn't mean I don't feel a little impatient sometimes, ha!)

2. What was your best date ever?
Gee, I can think of some good ones. I certainly hope that there will be dates in the future with my future husband that will far surpass any I've had in greatness. But - since that wasn't the question, let's go with this... I remember a night when a boyfriend of mine had come home from a guys only trip. We went to eat and to see Phantom of the Opera. We sat in the car talking and then singing a bunch of songs together. I realize nothing about this sounds awesome, and I'm even questioning myself as I type, but I think this date stands out because it was one of those where I was just so happy to be with that person that nothing else in life seemed to matter for a few hours. I would get that same feeling playing on the knoll in front of the university center or working on homework in my dorm room. I think in the end it comes down to how when you're with someone you care about and that cares about you in return, there's a kind of joy that you don't experience in other situations. That can make any date a "best" date.

3. Worst date ever?
Well, Steph would immediately argue that it was the one time in high school when I went on a first date with a guy and he asked me if I brought enough money for my meal. Yes, this was lame. It certainly doesn't fall anywhere near best date status. I remember a few unbelievably awkward dates. I think the worst dates for me were the ones where a boyfriend took me out and acted completely normal and then at the end of the night told me he wanted to break up (fortunately, this hasn't happened as much in my adult years). I always thought that was really rude.

4. What is the longest you've ever dated someone?
Almost 3 years. Yep, it's a long time, especially to just break up in the end. But I learned a lot of really good lessons from that relationship, and my husband will be thankful for that.

5. Breaking up is hard to do... what was your hardest break-up?
The one with the above mentioned almost-3-year relationship. In the end, I knew I deserved to find a man better able to receive my love and better able to love me how I desire to be loved. But that didn't change the fact that he had been my best friend and that he was always a good guy and I loved him. I suppose I finally came out on the other side a stronger woman after a few months of heartache and healing.

6. Are you friends with anyone you've ever dated?
No. Well, yes. I have one really good friend that I kind of dated for a bit one semester in college. Sometimes I forget we ever even dated. He's one of my closest guy friends. But as for all the more serious boyfriends of my past, no. And it's a shame. I don't feel the need to stay connected or anything, but sometimes I think it'd be nice to exchange a "hey, how's life?" Past that, I don't really have a desire to stay friends with them. It'd be too, well, awkward.

This really on skims the surface. Sometimes I think I could write a book about some of the crazy dating experiences I've had. Believe me, I've got some good stories about really insane things that just don't fall under the "best date/worst date" categories, ha!


db said...

Okay, first, stop being vague and talking about your stories. We're ready to read them!

Second, no one has posted on your NKOTB post because no one cares. Sorry to bust your bubble, but they're over and done with. A flash in the pan, man. Even if they reunite, and you go to their concert, you'll be the only one there, which of course, will be awesome for you. Definitely more intimate and a lot more backstage time!

Third, I am really disappointed that some of our best dates weren't mentioned in that category of your post.

Thank you. Goodbye.
(All the bitter undertones are from my empty inbox.)

Quirky said...

Great meme. I particularly enjoyed your worst date experiences. (Why are they so painful when they happen, but so funny later?) Here's to you finding a super great guy to make all your dating dreams come true.

smc said...

Dude. I could still beat that guy up for asking whether you brought enough money for you FAST FOOD MEAL on your first date. And wasn't there a lot of talk about a sock puppet?

B2G said...

Gah- your #1? I KNOW. Great answer.