Thursday, April 17, 2008

Benadryl Buzz

Last night after dinner, I had one of those itchy eyes/sneezing/runny nose attacks that I am sometimes prone to have around this time of year. Knowing I needed to get a good night's sleep since I'm volunteering at the Mercy Gala tonight, I took some Benadryl very early so that it'd knock me out for a solid 8 hours without putting me in what I like to call the "anithistamine cloud" all day today.

Success! I feel great! Granted, I could have slept later, but I can always stand to sleep later. The only thing is that I woke up with a terrible taste in my mouth and an almost insatiable thirst. Anyone else every experience that the morning after a night's rest with Benadryl making it's way around in your body and drying up snot and relieving itchy eyes?

As I was getting ready to walk out the door, I suddenly felt a small wave of nostalgia... the sunlight coming in my windows reminded me of being in the condo my family stayed in last summer when we went to the beach. I felt a strong desire to be on the beach right now. Oh, wishful thinking...

Thanks for the kind comments on my post yesterday. I swear I'm really ok. In fact, now that I've kind of sorted through everyone with God, with friends, and a bit on the ole blog, I feel great! I'm not even thinking about anything anymore. I guess I had just ignored processing it all long enough and it was time and doing so was almost like throwing up... I felt things rushing over me and I just had to get it out really quickly and purge myself of it and then feel better. Ok, so that's kind of gross... and not the absolute best analogy since technically everything is still in my head, but sharing it all helped me to sort through some things and I feel REALLY good now.

All is right with Melanie's world again. :) Nothing was ever wrong though... just processing a few things I'd been ignoring for a while.

In closing, has anyone else heard DeathCab for Cutie's song "I will Possess Your Heart" lately? It's not quite as creepy as the title sounds. I've really been digging it on the radio and downloaded the 8-minute version last night. I love the lyrics. There's something so true about how to really know if someone is right for you, you've gotta spend some time together. Check it out.

Oh, and there is much rejoicing in my office today over the results of last night's American Idol. Finally, the karaoke girl is gone. She wasn't terrible, but I can hear just as much talent at a bar on a Saturday night in Nashville.

Have a great day, and stay tuned for posts about my weekend volunteering at all the Mercy events!

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Rachel said...

I took benadryl on Tuesday night, and I felt the same way the next morning. I was SO thirsty, and I felt like I could drink a gallon. Have a good day and glad that you feel better!