Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Birthdays All Around!

Today my little Tucker turns 2 years old! I woke up this morning to find him stretched out and leaning against my legs. He opened his sleepy little eyes and started purring as soon as he saw I was awake and ready to pet him. I'll have had him for 2 years in early June, and I must say that I am so thankful that I found him and made him my own. He has SUCH personality, and he's also full of affection - not only for me, but also for anyone who comes into our home. I love the little guy, and he is certainly part of making our house a home. The top picture is when he was a little kitty baby. He passed out on the scrapbook table. The bottom one is from when we were packing to move last summer... he's all grown up!

My best gal Steph reminded me today that both myself and our other best pal Amanda are having birthdays in a few weeks. I realized that I have spent more time thinking about turning 25 (I promise that post is in the works and coming soon!) than I have about a birthday wish list. My parents have already gotten me a gym bag I wanted, and mom is taking me to Gatlingburg for a fun weekend of shopping and seeing the mountains.

So I spent some time thinking throughout the day since I read her email, and these are some things that could be delightful to receive (and these are not in any particular order):

~ Cash or gift cards. No, it's not personal or thoughtful. But if you want to throw some money to your Melanie, she promises she won't put it in her money market. She'll force herself to spend it on something on her Gatlinburg shopping trip (she really needs to find a summer-appropriate purse, one of the main goals of the trip) or on something that she wouldn't normally buy. And gift cards to places like The Limited, Fleet Feet Sports, Target, iTunes or other pertinent stores you know Melanie shops at are always nice to have.

~ Gift certificate for the Rain Tree Salon and Spa. This is where I go to get my hair cut. They have a bunch of other services that I've never done, so if you were like "Get a massage and use this toward it!" then I'd use it on something fun like that or something else that I never do instead of something boring like a hair cut. Although I am contemplating coloring my hair. Stay tuned on that one. Spa trips are more fun with gals, so you could of course go with me if you're able to do so!

~ Sweet Home Alabama - as in the DVD with Reese Witherspoon. I've always loved this movie (and not just because her character's name is Melanie), but I've somehow never managed to get a copy.

~ Body by Victoria Bikini style panties, medium. Any color or fun pattern that is not white, black, tan, or pink (patterns with a little pink are acceptable). These are usually on sale for 3 for $30. I have a good number of them now in my drawer, but it's always good to get some new undies and throw out any as they wear out. You can never have too many of these. (And stop gasping that I don't like pink...)

~ A book called Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Speaks by Priscilla Shirer. I heard her speak this past weekend, and she was amazing. As soon as she mentioned writing this book, it sounded exactly like something useful for my life. I'm always questioning if things I hear are God or just my own voice saying what I want to hear.

~ Anything that anyone has discovered that makes life easier, more fun, more fulfilling, more luxurious and so on and so forth... especially life as a woman. Seriously, this is up for grabs. I use things a lot of times because they work for other people. So if you know something I need in my life, send it on.

~ A MacBook. OK, so I know no one is going to get me that. But just throwing it out there since technically it's on my "wish list" right now. I'll probably buy one at the end of the summer.

~ Hey Steph, is there a "my best friend graduated from Harvard Law" shirt at the bookstore? Because I would totally wear it with pride. And I'd feel really cool. :)

~ I heart this shirt. And this one. Probably a medium because I think they run small. Certainly overpriced for t-shirts, but I still think they're cute.

~ I never got the last season (seven, I think) of Gilmore Girls on DVD, but I have all the others. So I could use it to finish the collection.

I suppose this isn't the best list ever. It's hard because I am generally really hard to fit both for clothes and shoes, so I have to do that kind of shopping myself most of the time. Not only that, but now that I live and work in the real world I have real money (not a lot, but real nonetheless) so I usually just go buy anything I really want or need. I've tried to think of things here that I wouldn't normally go get myself. I hope this helps those interested!

And if you live out of the area and/or are a fairly new friend, I would be willing to share my address should you want to mail me a card... even if it's just an e-card. :)


smc said...

This totally helps! When are you going to Gatlinburg?

Rachel said...

Sounds like you have a fun birthday planned so far, and it also sounds like you've got a pretty good birthday list. It would definitely help me out.