Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I bought Dave Matthews Band tickets today. I probably should have gone sooner since there were very few seats left to choose from. I also ended up spending $10 per ticket more because the general admission tickets were sold out, but I reckon there weren't that many to begin with since the concert is at a minor league baseball field. I think that's random. And BTW, TicketMaster fees suck. Someone needs to find a way to crush their monopoly on ticket fees.

I cringed a bit at the price and the thought of driving 3 hours one way this summer to see the show, but I've been offered a place to stay. And it's fun to daydream about who I might take with me. One would like to think there could be a handsome man in my life come August, but taking a good friend will be fun, too, if that's how it plays out. It seems so far away.

I haven't seen Dave since 2003. I took a boyfriend with me that year. I have never written much about him, mostly because I don't keep this blog especially anonymous and people who read this know him. And I suppose he could stumble across this. But I am finding that I could care less now, so he may be referenced more often. We'll just have to call LTX for Long-Term Ex (I realize this is not original and used by other bloggers, but it will have to do as he no longer gets any terms of affection). We were together 3 years. I won't be likely to speak poorly about him (because heck, I loved him and speaking bad about him would be like speaking bad about myself), but I'm realizing that my efforts to not reference him are keeping me from writing about things I want to write. That's dumb. So I'm not going to stand for it. I'll be allowing references of him from now on when they're fitting as I share stories. I mean, three years is definitely a good bit of my past and that relationship, like so many other things and people, certainly had a role in shaping my life. It only makes sense to share that where appropriate. So it's official. LTX will be entering the blog when necessary and should you ever stumble across this Mr. LTX, please know this is not to offend you, give you any sort of ego boost, or anything else that may cross your mind... it's simply just a record of history.

I remember we had a really great time at that Dave concert, and he wasn't even really a big fan of DMB (I think he had fun because he was a big fan of me.) I didn't go in 2004 because he was out of town and no one else wanted to go. I think I skipped 2005 and 2006 for other non-boy-related reasons. So it's due time for me to catch a DMB show again.

So here's to DMB 2008! May I have an even more fantastic time than I did in 2003!

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Rachel said...

How funny...I went and saw DMB in 2003 too. I haven't seen them in concert since! I would like to, but I haven't been able to. Have fun! It'll be worth it!