Friday, April 18, 2008


So apparently there was an earthquake up in Indiana this morning, and it could be felt here in Nashville a little before 5am.

I was most definitely in my bed since it was 11 when I got home from the Mercy Gala last night and close to midnight by the time I showered and got my stuff ready for today together.

However, I remember waking up once when it was still dark. I wasn't facing the clock. I just thought "well that's weird" because I rarely wake up in the middle of the night, and then I promptly fell back asleep. Maybe it was the earthquake that woke me up.

But I do know I was having this dream where I was in a coffee shop and I met this girl and this guy that weren't there together, and the guy was really cute but then he ordered catfish (I know... who has catfish at a coffee shop?) and I thought that was gross. I still sat and talked to him and invited the girl to join us. I never even got his name, but I thought he was cute and hoped he'd ask me out. So... weird dream for sure. And it makes me wonder if I need to start hanging out at coffee shops more. Or maybe I've just heard that Landon Pigg song about falling in love at a coffee shop too many times on the radio lately.

Heading off to Day 2 of the Mercy 25th Anniversary weekend. Details and pictures to follow soon!

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Rachel said...

Have fun and post some pictures of all these events!