Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Almost Got Arrested Yesterday and then I Slept 12 Hours Last Night...

I'm so not kidding about sleeping 12 hours. I turned the tv off at midnight when SNL went off (not something I usually stay up late to watch, but Ashton Kutcher was the host... and Melanie hearts Ashton.) and didn't wake up until 11:52 this morning. I can't remember the last time I slept til noon. It was beautiful. I feel great. I woke up wanting to go to yoga this afternoon and would be if I didn't need to eat dinner tonight with my parents and grandpa. (Because yoga is at 4 and we're going to dinner at 4... because grandpa is with us.)

This was really just an exhausting week, and I know the coming one will be as well with all of the Mercy events later in the week. But at least it's a good kind of exhausting.

So I know you're dying to know the part about almost getting arrested. It's a bit of an exaggeration, but... well, let me just share the story.

The air show is going on here in town this weekend. Not only is my office really close to the airport (may I just say that none of us got much done on Thursday when the Blue Angels were practicing? I mean, it was just way too much fun to run outside every time we heard them flying over!), but so is the greenway that I do a lot of my Saturday runs on. The air show wasn't supposed to start til 11, so the plan was to get there at 8am, run 15 miles, and be out of there before they start closing the roads near the airport.

All was going well, and then as we ran along we found the path marked off by police tape. We decided it couldn't be a big deal since it was 3 hours before the show, so we kept going. However, when we came back it was much closer to time for the show to start. My running partner thought that maybe we better run to the main road to run back to our cars since the path was marked off and "technically, it's illegal to cross the yellow crime scene police tape and if they wanted to be jerks they could arrest us." I was like, "This isn't a crime scene!" and suggested we just stick with the path. I scoff at the law! Mwah hah ha! Ok, seriously I'm a good law abiding citizen, but I felt absolutely no guilt with crossing the police tape to continue running. I had run 14 miles and was ready to be done, so I dared Mr. Police Officer off in the distance to come give us a hard time for crossing the tape.

But then the rest of the way back I had this funny little story in my head of what if they tried to arrest us... for running... in a public park... in broad daylight. I got a kick just thinking about it. Of course, no one came running after us. We made it safely back to our cars. But it would have been a great story if we'd been arrested. I'd probably still be telling it when I'm 80.. "Did I ever tell you about the time the police arrested me for training for a half marathon on a public greenway?" Ah, it'd be a proud moment in the name of my sport.

After the run, we headed downtown for lunch (at Demos' - yum!) and to go to the Fair Tax Rally. We never found it. The park it was supposed to be held at was pretty flooded from all the rain we've had. I'm pretty sure they probably moved it, but we wandered around downtown for a while and never round any semblance of a rally. It was disappointing. I was all ready to learn cool stuff about how aboloshing the IRS could make everyone happy and what I could do to support it. I'm not overly "political" so to speak, but I do know that I'm all for something that would have more of MY money in MY pocket each year.

After a nap and catching up on some very neglected laundry (finally, I have clean socks and running clothes again!) I had dinner with my family at this new pizza buffet in town. A small girl next to me threw up in the floor beside us. It took me a few minutes before I could continue eating. You know how that goes. Her parents seemed unfazed. I'm wondering if when you become a parent things like that quit grossing you out.

I'm enjoying a pretty relaxed day. I really wanted to go to the Southern Women's Show going on this weekend downtown, but with my grandpavisiting that got ruled out along with the yoga. Maybe I'll go next year.

I apologize in advance if my posting is less frequent this week... or less coherent I plan on making posts about each of the Mercy events I'm either working or attending later in the week, but I know I'll probably be pretty worn out by the time it's all said and done. Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!


Susan said...

The Blue Angels, running 14 miles, potentially getting arrested, witnessing a vomit session in a pizzeria... no wonder you slept 12 hours! ;)

B2G said...

I finally just did laundry too.. 3 loads. I amazed myself. Don't you hate it when you open a drawer and the only thing in there is the shirt you hate to wear and don't even know why you keep around?!

Also, good job on almost getting arrested. You're such a rebel!

Rachel said...

What are Mercy Events? Sounds cool about the air show and the run sounds awesome too! I'm so jealous! I was so busy this weekend, that I didn't have time to get a run in.

And don't you love having clean clothes...I washed all mine last night too.

Tipp said...

Hey there!

I found you off of AYWTC/Rachel's blog and I live in Nashville too! Small world- well, small bloggy world!

Glad I found ya!