Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pish Posh

So I kind of had a bad day yesterday. Well, it was more of a bad first few hours of my day. I felt much better by bedtime and I'll be over all the little nuisances that are still lingering very soon, but I'm still just feeling kind of annoyed today. Why is it that there are times when everything is just great and you had a fabulous weekend and your birthday is 2 weeks away and then something comes along that just sucks?

Well anyways, like I said, I'm already feeling much better. And I ended my day with a phone conversation with an old friend that made me smile a lot and brought back some good memories and that may possibly lead to me taking a weekend to go to Chicago. So all of that helped me in cheering up. I suppose we all have to have a bad day with stupid crap from time to time.

Today I've been enjoying the sunshine out the window, trying to gear up for the gym after work (it's always a little hard to go for a week or so after a race), and looking forward to seeing who goes on American Idol tonight. Is it just me or don't you think that they should just go on and plan on a finale with David and David?

I have "Hannah" written on a sticky note on my desk. I don't know why. I don't even know anyone named Hannah. Weird.

This post is random, thus the name "Pish Posh."

5 weeks from tonight The Wrecking Crew reunites in Boston. I can hardly wait. Is it silly that I'm already contemplating which outfits to pack? I noticed this weekend my camera had started acting up and messing up some pictures, so Monday night I went and bought a new one. I usually spend a little more time than that when it comes to a large purchase, but I already kind of knew what I wanted. I for once didn't care to sit around and wait for it to go on sale because I wanted to be able to get it and play with it before I go to Boston. I bought the other one 4 years ago before I went to Europe, so I feel like I got my use out of it. And it hasn't died completely so it might be good for occasional things. Besides, I needed to buy myself a birthday present and I'm assuming some family members will be sending some cash that I can tell them will go toward paying for this baby.

Isn't it nice? I like it so far...

I also had a nice little surprise in my inbox this morning. My friend Crystal took pictures the other night and went on and sent me this jem:

Yes, I'm wearing some fabulous Nine West red flats. Super comfy even for a night out downtown, and they definitely jazz things up a bit.

So yeah, maybe yesterday kind of sucked... but today is good. And tomorrow will be good. And I'm looking forward to my birthday. And Gatlingburg. And Boston. And Florida. And now maybe Chicago. It's going to be a good summer. And no bad day at the start of it can take that away from me.


Joe said...

So I saw your blog after I read a friend's post and I thought I'd click over. Random, but not really.

I love it! Your enthusiasm for life and the city of Nashville is great!

tiedtogetherwithasmile said...

I tagged you for a meme (or a free tag if you don't like the meme). Happy Friday!