Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tidbits on Tuesday

I have some random thoughts floating around, so enjoy!

- Last night I cleaned my house. When I say clean, I mean CLEAN. Does anyone else find that they have a tendency to have a pattern for how you clean? I do. I start by de-cluttering. Basically, I go around and put away anything that's not in its place. I live a fairly organized and clutter free life, so this is always the easy part. Then I pretty much start at my door and work my way from room to room to the back of the house. I vaccumed all the floors. I swiffered. I even moved the couches to get the dust bunnies they have been there since I moved in. The bathrooms are sparkly. The ironing is done. I have one little load of laundry left to do. The only thing I didn't have time to accomplish was pulling my winter clothes out of the way to put the summer ones in the most accessible part of the closet.

My least favorite part about cleaning is how the house smells when I'm done. Sure it's so fresh and so clean, clean... but I hate the way all the cleaning products smell. Even the ones that are supposed to smell good. The fun part about cleaning is watching Tucker run around. He always seems so confused as I move things around. He runs from the vacuum, but I have to lock him out of the bathroom or else he'll jump in the tub while I've got scrubby stuff all over it.

- I watched this video and read this great article in The New Yorker today about elevators. I myself am not crazy about riding in them, so I was especially interested in the video of the man trapped in one for 41 hours. That'd be awful. I really don't like to get in elevators without windows... I know there's little chance they'll plummet, but if there is a window then I feel like I probably won't be trapped in it without anyone knowing since they'll see me. (In case you were wondering, I don't typically read The New Yorker. But it felt really cool to reference it like maybe I did, ha!)

- Does anyone else really dislike the post office? I really can't stand having to go there. There's always a line, and even though there are three places for workers there is usually only one working. And most the people in line don't know what the heck they want when they get to the register. We have a new building opening next week, and I'm wondering if they'll keep it staffed any better than the one now. Not only do they rarely have enough people working, but the ones they do have are usually grumpy. What's up with that? AND, I went today to pick up something that needed to be signed for because we got the little card in the box that said we weren't here to sign for it when they delivered. But I watched the woman drive to the mailbox and put the mail in from my desk yesterday. I almost said something about it today because it was really irritating to know she didn't even try to come in to get us to sign, but I figured it was a lost cause.

- This morning I woke up at 5:30am because Tucker was playing with a ring from the water jug (you know the plastic ring that holds the lid on until you tear it open? He LOVES those) at the foot of the bed. Then, he suddenly realized that there was an imaginary cat to chase up and down the hallway. I listened as he thumped down the hall (you'd think he was a large dog from the sound of it) and slid onto the kitchen floor, and then he'd race back and jump up on the bed again. At least he's getting his exercise. I like it that he's skinny like his mama.

- Speaking of running, I've logged 5 runs in all of April. Not. so. good. Needless to say, the Country Music Half this weekend won't be my fastest half ever. But it should be fun. And then I have vowed to get back in the normal groove again so that I can be in tip top shape when it's time to don my bikini at the beach this summer. At least 2 of my runs were 12 and 15 milers, so I don't feel like a complete lazy a. Besides, I've been busy. And I haven't been nearly as excited this year as I was last year when I was running the full. There's something really different about running a half and not the entire marathon. It's still a big deal, but not as big of a deal. And I suppose there were other reasons why I was more excited last year, too. I do get to see my pal Bennett who's coming in town to run. Saturday night is calling for a fun night downtown. I'll also be going to the pasta dinner at Mercy and finding out how much money we all raised through Team Mercy this year!

- I might be going to a Bon Jovi concert on Thursday. Apparently it's hypothetical for now. We will see what happens. I haven't decided if I'm going to go should it change from hypothetical to reality.

- I saw this water fountain that Tucker would LOVE at PetSmart the other day. I know he drinks from his bowl, but if I turn on the sink he will drink from the running water until I turn it off. Then he'll cry for me to turn it back on. It looks like with this thing the water would circle like in a fountain and always be running so that he could drink from the running water (a 5 inch stream!) instead of the sitting water. It's also got a filter to clean the water, which would cut down on the bottled water I buy. (I know, I know. I do pamper the kitty. But tap water is bad for kitties.) It's like $70, which is more than I spend on stuff for the little guy... but should I ever get a half off coupon, I know this item will make his day.

- Happy Earth Day! And Happy Administrative Professionals' Day (tomorrow) to my fellow admins. Last year my boss took me to lunch at Demos'. We have someone here for training this week so chances our good we'll eat somewhere good again whether he remembers the day or not. :)


Crazy Daisy said...

Amen on the long post office lines! I always try to use the automated machine package mailing machine as I hate standing in the line. I think once I stood there for 30 minutes, behind 4 other people while one person was at the counter! Crazy!

My husband would LOVE to have a green couch! Instead our couch is red with green pillows :)

Lougan said...

I can honestly say... i stay away from the post office.

Joy said...

Hey there. I'm a recent reader, delurking! I thought I'd comment on your comment about the pet water fountain. We have that same one at our house for our dog and cat and, as great as it is with the bubbling water and the filter, it's really hard to clean. There's always gunk collecting in it, and the filter doesn't get the big stuff. I scrub the heck out of it about once a week, but there are just some nooks and crannies that you just can't get at. Design flaws, I guess.
My being a Debbie Downer on your pet fountain isn't a great first comment to leave. But, I thought that I'd say that as great as the idea is in theory, I feel better about our pets drinking clean water out of a water bowl because I can scrub their bowl each day, thoroughly.
You've totally inspired me to look into training for a half, though. Thank you!