Monday, April 7, 2008

Toilet/WC/The Loo/The Can

I realized today that I may not know as much about toilets as I should.

I know how to unstop one. Granted, I make sure to never stop one up. I don't understand why other people require so much toilet paper sometimes.

Anyways, past that I know very little.

I share a little bathroom with my boss. He's a man, but he's a man who has spent the bulk of his more recent years living with a wife and 2 daugthers. The seat is always down. The toilet is always clean. So really it's no different than sharing a bathroom with my dad, except he's not my dad. (Though sometimes he's kind of like a second dad.) The only thing that's kind of odd about this bathroom arrangement is that the bathroom is right off of his office. I always turn the fan on to cover any bathroom sounds. And when I started working here, I promptly bought air freshener. I never said anything about it. I just put it on the back of the toilet.

Today I used the bathroom and when I walked past about an hour later, I heard it running. Sometimes this happens, so I headed in there to jiggle the handle. That didn't work. So I tried what usually works next... flushing it again. Only nothing happened.

I took the lid off. I pretended like I knew what I was looking for. I studied the way the handle on the outside was connected to things on the inside. Then I decided I was just going to have to ask for help. The bossman was gone, otherwise he'd have already noticed the continued water running and fixed it. The other guys were gone, except for the one guy who is always here.

I knew what I had to do. I walked to the back. I had maybe the sixth conversation I've ever had with this man in the almost 2 years I've worked here (he's not real chatty). It started with me saying, "So do you know much about toilets?" He said yes, and we were off to fix it. Except that I just stood nearby while he fixed it.

But he saved the day. It required a wrench. I know what a wrench is and know how to use one, but not on toilets. I'm really thankful I wasn't here all by myself. I would have had to call my dad and had him talk me through what to do.

So in conclusion, maybe I should learn a few more things about toilets.


Are You Willing to Change? said...

What a disaster! I don't know much about toilets either!

smc said...

Hmmm. Yeah, if jiggling the handle didn't work, and flushing it again didn't work, and holding up the balloon while flushing it didn't work, I'd have been lost. I only have three toilet tricks, total.

Quirky said...

Ah, but sometimes wisdom is not knowing the is knowing where to find the answer. This gave you an excuse to talk to a guy who you don't normally talk to, and for him to help with something that he wouldn't normally help with. Now you have another connection-running toilets.

Lena said...

This is a random, hilarious post, but it's so you!

B2G said...

Pretty much my biggest fear is making a toilet overflow. Glad you got that taken care of.