Saturday, May 24, 2008


I started blogging one year ago today. Wow. Something that I originally intended as a way of keeping some friends up-to-date with my life has become so much more to me. Now I write to not only give updates of my life, but to be part of a bigger blogging community. Thanks to everyone reading and commenting and sharing this journey with me. I hope you'll continue to do so because I know I'm enjoying it.. as well as reading all of YOUR blogs, too!

On another note, I graduated from high school SEVEN years ago today. Crazy. On one hand, it really feels like forever ago. That part of my life is so foreign and almost blurry in some ways. But on the other hand, it's not so long ago and still crystal clear. I'm still really good friends with some of my high school pals. I still meet up with a few others occasionally for dinner and catching up. It's crazy how much my life has changed... how much I've changed... in the past seven years. And it's crazy that our 10 year reunion is getting so close!

I started my Memorial Day weekend off well. Last night I went with a friend to the Frist Center to see the Monet to Dali exhibit and the Tiffany lamp exhibit. Both were really cool, and I had a great time checking out the paintings and lamps. I'm not an art fiend by any means, but I like a lot of the French Impressionism and Post-Impressionism stuff. I also saw some examples of Modernism that took me back to my Senior AP English days... oh, what good memories those are!

After that, we headed over to Sambucca in The Gulch to have dessert and check out a band. I realized after we got there that the band was actually a couple of guys I knew from college and hadn't seen since. That was really fun!

I can definitely appreciate that there is such a variety of fun things to do around Nashville. I managed to see an art exhibit, hear a band and have a delicious dessert at a cool restaurant in like a 3-hour time frame.

Today, I logged a 10-miler and ran a few errands before relaxing a bit and going out with a few friends. I am really excited to have a 3-day weekend. I intend to watch some movies I've been meaining to see, catch up with a few people and do a little shopping at The Limited... I've got a gift card to use!

Have a great weekend! And here's to my next year of blogging!

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tootie said...

Happy (Blogging) Anniversary!

I've been blogging less than a year, but I'm definitely hooked :)