Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Almost Birthday to Me!

A quick reminder: If you haven't already done so, read my post from May 7th and leave a question for me so that you can be entered in my 25th Birthday Giveaway! You have until the end of tomorrow to enter.

Speaking of my 25th birthday, it's tomorrow. :) This also meant that my driver's license was set to expire. So this morning I took some time to put on my makeup (because I normally don't since I work at a cabinet company with 4 married men who don't even notice when I do have any on) and curl my hair (another thing I don't do for work). I also spent some time deliberating over which shirt to wear. This ended up being a waste of time because the picture is zoomed in so far that my hair covers the part of the shirt you might could actually see. All in all, it was a good picture so I can't complain. I'm just a bobbing head with lots of brown hair.

The driver's license place wasn't quite as bad of an experience as it is for some people. I was in and out in about 30 minutes. Of course, I couldn't leave without noticing a few things... First, they have all renewals use this self-serve computer. Not a bad idea, unless one of the customers isn't very confident on a computer. I waited 15 minutes for this older man (with a pager, no less) peck his way through the screens. I kind of felt bad for the guy because I think he would have appreciated the people at the counter taking care of it instead of forcing him to use the computer. He finished, and I was done about 3 minutes later.

Then we had to wait for our pictures to be taken. There were 2 employees. Ah, how I love state run operations. (Speaking of which, not to start some political debate but if our gov't can't handle running the driver's license places then how the heck do we think they can handle things like health care for the entire country? Just an opinion that you may or may not agree with...) This one guy finally finished with the person at the counter and then proceeded to answer about 3 phone calls. You may know from my experience with the Wal-Mart vision center that I think it's incredibly bad customer service to ignore the customers right in front of you to talk to the ones on the phone. But all in all it wasn't a terrible experience, and I was out the door and at work by 8am.

In other news, I had a pretty fabulous weekend. Friday night was spent out with some friends, new and old, in the Boro. It was another late night that didn't end until 4am. I think that somehow my 25th birthday has nagged at my subconscious that I'm young and single and should be doing a little bit more to enjoy all of that while this is where I'm at... which somehow my brain has interpreted as staying out until ridiculous hours of the night, or morning depending on how you look at it. But I'm having a blast and that's what matters, right? I just need to make sure I don't let it interfere with my running. I MUST get my long runs in on weekends.

There was also dinner and a movie in there as well as lunch with my mom and sister and a little shopping trip since we got her a gift card for Mother's Day. I managed to pick up another pair of my favorite Brooks running shorts and a running tank top by Suggoi that was on clearance... AND I had my $25 rewards from Fleet Feet to use, which always makes shopping more fun. So like I said... fabulous weekend.

I did get a little bad news. My trip to Gatlinburg has to be postponed a few weekends because apparently there is a car show this weekend and all the hotel rooms are booked. People - there are a LOT of hotel rooms in the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area. I didn't know car shows were so big.

On a final note, I heard the new single "Summertime" from the New Kids on the Block twice this weekend. It's fantastic. I think it's going to be released on itunes tomorrow and you know I will so download it. It doesn't really sound like they're old stuff (because they have manly voices now), but I really actually liked it. So far they're not coming anywhere near here on their tour, but they said on the radio that they might release more tour dates soon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll realize Nashville is Music City and come here. Sign me up right now. I don't care how much.

Birthday dinner with my family tonight. I'm excited. In fact, I'm excited about a lot of things right now. Things are just going really well and all of a sudden I'm looking at my life and realizing that I really like it. There are a lot of possibilities right now.... nothing to really talk about yet... but still, they exist and it excites me. So yay for that!


Rachel said...

Don't you hate the Driver's License place, even if you do get in and out fairly's just one of those places that you dread going to. And that's kind of cool that they have renewals electronically!

Rachel said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope it's great!