Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Spot

First of all, one week until I go to Boston!!! I'm super excited.

Second, I was looking over some of the recent Google searches that have brought some of you to this blog. Many of them make sense... "life is a marathon," "running soundtrack," and "RC Cola and Moon Pie 10-Mile Run." (I'm sure Bell Buckle will be glad of the publicity I'm giving their race.)

But I had to laugh over 1 of them today.... "who painted a virgin mary running a marathon."

Wow. No idea about that one... I suppose I've used "virgin," "running," "marathon," and "painted" at some point in my posts.

Anyways, today's post is about I had heard about this site where you take a quiz and it tells you where you are well suited to live. Apparently, I'm meant to be a southern gal. I think I could love the big city life of NYC, Chicago, or D.C. But my loathing of bitterly cold weather must have ruled out a lot of that. Here's my list:

Charleston, SC (been there... could be a cool place to live)
Jacksonville, FL
Augusta, GA
Knoxville, TN (also been there... probably too many times to consider moving there)
Chesapeake-Virginia Beach, VA (home of the Rock-N-Roll Half!)
Houston, TX (would never live here)
Orlando, FL (I do love me some Disney World)
Norfolk, VA
West Palm Beach, FL (used to go here as a little girl... don't remember much)
Cincinnati, OH
Memphis, TN (I'd choose to stay in Nashville if I'm staying in TN)
Long Island, NY
Nashville, TN (yay, considering I already live here)
Carlisle, PA (where?)
Charlotte, NC
Hattiesburg, MS
Biloxi, MS (I'm going to say no)
Fort Worth, TX (could be cool... would prefer to try Austin)
Oklahoma City, OK
Little Rock, AR
Jackson, MS
Athens, GA
Tuscaloosa, AL
Gainesville, FL

Well, when I think about moving I don't really think of these places. I think of a big city. But maybe these places would be good later in life when I have a family or something.


Miss H said...

Jackson, Mississippi is pretty fun! I bet you'd like it.

Jackie said...

We almost moved to Jacksonville, it is supposed to be a really nice place for young couples! And the weather is the same all year round.

smc said...


Joe said...

Glad to hear you would like Austin better than Fort Worth! But I agree with SMC, Chicago is the way to go!