Thursday, May 22, 2008


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I'm not big into the contemporary Christian music scene these days. Now don't get me wrong... I don't have any problems with Christian music. It's just not what I regularly listen to right now. But when I was younger I listened to a lot of Steven Curtis Chapman. I've still got a lot of his cds, and I break them out from time to time. The man is incredibly talented and not only writes some amazing music about God, but he also writes love songs for his wife or songs for his daughters and other cool stuff like that.

His brother-in-law was actually my art teacher back in my middle school days, and he later came to my high school to teach art and coach the swim team. I always thought it was kind of cool to know someone related to a well-known musician. My little sister got the cooler connection because she was in a class with the brother-in-law's son, and SCC came to their class one day and sang and hung out with them. She still has the autographed picture that proved it (because my parents didn't believe her at first when she told them the "guy from the cd in the car" was there).

SCC lives in Nashville, and yesterday his little 5-year-old adopted daughter died after a terrible accident in their own driveway. You can read more about it here. The whole thing is so sad, and even though I don't actually know these people it feels close to home... I still see the brother-in-law and his family eating out around town all the time. This was their little neice. I still remember listening to SCC when I was younger and singing along and going to one of his concerts with my church youth group.

One of the things I like about living here in Nashville is that everyone really is a neighbor. I'm sure this can be said of other places, but I only know of the nature of the people around here. The local Christian radio stations are playing music and talking about what happened and letting people call in to share thoughts with the family. It's obvious that a lot of people around here want to share some love with the family. I think it's because whether we've been through something like this or not, we know it's a terrible thing to have to go through.

It reminds me of what all I believe as a Christian... bad things happen to good people. It doesn't matter how "good" we are in this life... we still live in a world that isn't quite perfect and will have to face both mountains and valleys because of it. But I believe in a God who can use EVERYTHING for good. I know this is a terrible tragedy for a fellow Nashvillian family, but I also know that a lot of good can come out of it whether it's reminding us to simply not forget to love on our loved ones or if it's that people learn more about adoption (because the little girl was adopted from China).

I certainly offer my love and prayers to the Chapman family today.


B2G said...

I shed a tear this morning when I saw this on the news. So, so, so sad. I feel the worst for the brother that caused the accident. I'll be praying for them.

Playful Professional said...

Could you imagine being that brother that just didn't see his little sister? So sad.

Susan said...

Oh my gosh! How horrible! And how the brother must be feeling! Oh, man! My heart and prayers go out to SCC and his family.
Very sad... but, at the same time, I know their little girl is in heaven right this very minute. They'll see her again one day.

tootie said...

I just heard about this story. How very sad.

By the way, I just stumbled on your blog today. I'm training for my first marathon this fall - any advice?