Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Friday, Another Week Behind Us

Today I decided to check and see if there have been any new Google searches of interest that have brought some of you my way... the most prominent searches still seem to be searching for my name (this brings up a lot of people who are NOT me, which I'm sure is a pain in the butt for anyone who meets me and is trying to do a background check... don't worry, we know we all do it) and searching for things related to marathons. In particular, a lot of people are searching for more on the RC Cola and Moon Pie run in Bell Buckle... I hope that they appreciated my anecdotes on the race and that some of them decided to sign up.

But there were a few new ones today that stood out:

  • jonathyn rhys meyers - Well this makes sense considering I posted recently on what a total hottie he is.... apparently I'm not the only one who things so
  • harvard law - I doubt this person found what they were looking for, but at least they found out that my best friend is totally awesome and just graduated from there
  • some girls chase boys/ i used to chase boys and now I pass them - this is certainly because of my awesome "some girls chase boys... I just pass 'em" shirt" - rock on ladies
  • chelsie died - yes, she did... chelsie being my cat that died last year... somehow I don't think this was what this person was looking for
  • melanie blair community centre - I've always thought it'd be cool to have a building named after me, but as far as I know I've never given enough money for that to be possible
  • melanie peshke - not me, but I'll be sure to let you all know when the day comes that I change my last name
  • nerdy 3-syllable names - I admit to being a bit of a nerd, but I wouldn't go so far as to say my name is nerdy...
  • rainy day fun + boyfriend - intriguing... I have no idea what post this search would pull up since I have never written about having any sort of rainy day fun with a boyfriend... but it sounds like a good time
  • siddhartha when someone seeks quotes - I did write a post about Siddhartha when I finished reading it...
  • what happens when you need the loo when running a marathon - stop and use it
  • what should i talk about on my first date with him - I'm also not sure this person found what she was looking for, but my best advice is to always be real... if you click, you'll find that you have plenty to talk about... chances are you'll get to the end of the first date and realize you have a million more questions to save for the next date(s) since you ran out of time... have fun getting to know each other!
  • charlotte believe in love - I'm willing to bet this is connected to Sex and the City and my post about how I'm a lot like Charlotte the eternal optimist...
  • revenge break up songs - hmmm, I don't condone revenge, but I do like Rilo Kiley's "Breakin' Up" song that I made a post about

I just think it's interesting to see what sort of searches land people on my blog. Whether you found what you're looking for or not, welcome!

In other news, it's been a nice Friday. I've gotten a lot done and am glad it's almost the weekend. It's been an exceptionally good week (in case you haven't noticed from all the leaping and spinning about and bursts of general merriment that have made up my posts this week), but I'm still glad it's time for a few days off. This girl needs to start packing for Florida. Only a few more days til I'm on the beach soaking up some rays (with my SPF 30 on, of course) and reading a good book. I can hardly wait.

Stay tuned to hear how my race goes tomorrow. I'll try to include pictures, too!


Jackie said...

good luck tomorrow!

Mark Salinas said...

Very fun read! Heep running those marathons! :)