Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Elation Continues to be Present

So remember how yesterday I was all excited and having a terrific day?

It only. got. better.

After a pleasant evening in good company with about 20 people at a mexican restaurant, I was driving home listening to the new Coldplay album for say, oh, the fourth time all day. (Yes, that's excessive, but I tend to listen to new albums over and over for the first few days I have them.. and this one is AMAZING.)

I had rolled back around to the first song, an instrumental piece called "Life in Technicolor" that I already have come to know and love. I was digging it - again - and coming down a big hill on the interstate when I looked up and there it was...

A shooting star.

And not just any shooting star... this one was unbelievably bright and seemed to kind of just gently fall through the sky for way longer than most shooting stars I've ever seen.

All I could do was smile, and I must admit I got a few warm fuzzies. It was one of those really fantastic moments where everything just seems good and perfect. It definitely was a great way for my day to end. These are the kinds of moments that make summertime one of my favorite times of the year.

The weather continues to be gorgeous today. It's warm, but not hot. It's bright and sunny (so much that I felt blinded driving to work today), but it's not too humid. There's a breeze. Lovely.

Hope everyone is having a great week... I know mine has been shaping up pretty well so far, and it's all downhill from here.


shawn said...

I really like the new Coldplay album too. Some people are disappointed, and I understand because it is a departure from their previous three albums. The only song that I really don't like is 42 - the first couple minutes are insignificant, but the last 75 sec is very strong. And the first minute of Life in Technicolor sounds like a Postal Service song...until the guitar kicks in.


PS - Shooting stars rule!

Susan said...

Glad you've been having wonderful days! Enjoy to the fullest!

I always enjoy happy, warm-fuzzies posts! :)

Playful Professional said...

I'm really hoping that shooting star was shooting out my way.