Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Odds and Ends

Anytime I say "odds and ends" I think about the Gillian Welch song with that title and then can't get it out of my head.

I'm less than an hour away from heading home to clean up a bit and head to the airport for Boston. Excited is truly an understatement.

But to pass the time and to meet your blog reading needs, allow me to share a few stories. These will have to tie you over for a few days because you probably won't here from me until I'm back in the south.

I had finally found some hair curlers I wanted and opted to order them online from ULTA Beauty Supply. We have one of these stores in town, and I LOVE it. However, they don't stock the curlers. So I ordered. And two days later they were here! I get such things delivered to my work since someone will always be here to sign for it. When I came back from lunch, the guys were in the breakroom (the guys being two married men 10-15 years older than me that I work with and have a blast with every day).

"We want to know just what exactly you're having delivered here!" I looked at the box. They had changed ULTA Beauty Supply to ULTRA Booty Supply. I laughed SO hard. When I opened it to check out my curlers there was a lot of that bubble wrap stuff, so the joke was that I'd stuff that in my back pockets to get an ultra booty. This is one of many reasons why I love my job...

I got my hair cut yesterday, which was fabulous. I love how it looks and feels when it's been freshly cut. It also curls better, which is ideal since I'm going to be looking nice all weekend at various activities around the Boston area. While I was getting mine done, a couple walked in with a boy who looked all of 2 years old. I would assume he's had a haircut before, but apparently had forgotten that it's really not so bad. The kid screamed bloody murder the. whole. time. I mean, I don't know if he didn't like it that his parents were holding his head still or if he was really that mad that they were taking away his hair. His face was redder than any tomatoe I've ever seen. I felt really bad for the girl trying to cut it. Note to self: find a way to prepare future kids for hair cut before I take them to get one. Or do it myself at home.

And one more story for you today... we have these signs all over the town I live in about the town ordinance that you can't park on the street, especially in neighborhoods. (I'm sure a lot of money was spent on those signs. What an important issue to spend money on.) Yesterday, I saw a police officer parked on the street in my neighborhood. What was funny to me was that he was right beside one of those signs.

I know - he's a police officer, which apparently means he can break the rules. But still, it made me laugh... and I was really tempted to stop and take a picture and send it in to the newspaper. Not because I care, but just because it was so funny.

That does it for today folks. I'm off to wrap a few things up and head to the airport. I realized a short while ago that I'll be in the air right at dinnertime, so I need to find something to tote along with me to munch on later. Keeping my fingers crossed that the airlines are running smoothly today.

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