Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One More Day 'Till I'm Boston Bound

When I got in the car recently, they were playing "Gangsta's Paradise" on a local station. You know the one... "tell me why are we/ so blind to see/ that the ones we hurt/ are you and me..."

Then I came across this LOLCAT today. I'm wondering if maybe I should adopt a gangsta look or something... it seems to be making a comeback.

Anyways, I spent yesterday evening packing for my trip to Boston! Yay for vacation number 2! If you've been keeping up, I'm going up there tomorrow to see the best friend graduate from Harvard Law. After said graduation, plans will likely include some girly activities like shopping or pedicures... and there will of course be some partying. Unfortunately, our gal Amanda isn't able to join us for this weekend, so we'll be The Wrecking Crew Minus One this go-round.

Packing for these kinds of weekends are always more time consuming for me. I think I packed for last weekend in all of 15 minutes. Last night? 2 hours. I did keep getting distracted by the tv, but part of the time was due to the process:

1 - Determine how many outits are necessary

2 - Determine the types of outfits necessary (casual day, casual evening dinner, party, out on town)

3 - Try on outfits to make sure they look good

The last one isn't always a necessity, but I haven't worn most of my summery clothes since last summer, so I needed to make sure everything still looked ok since last year.

The hardest part? Picking out what to wear to the graduation. Seriously people... this is Harvard. I felt like I needed to strike a fine line between being underdressed and overdressed. I needed to look sharp and sophisticated (and typically, classy is my look anyways so this part was easy). I wanted to be professional, but I also wanted a bit of an edge because if some cute guy wants to flirt with me then I want to look good. :) I finally decided on a little black and white knee-length v-neck dress and red heels. The red and v-neck is my edge... the knee-length and B&W pattern is my classy.

Everything after that fell together more easily... jeans, capris, shorts... flip flops, Sperry's, red heels... 4 cute t-shirts, 3 hot tops for going out, and 2 that can go either way... I probably have a few too many shirts, but one can never be too prepared. I also threw in an extra casual dress in case I have the whim and perfect weather to wear it one evening.

I'm sure you love hearing about how I pack. But my point is, do you find that you take more time and consideration when packing for something you're really excited about? Business trip? Bah - throw some stuff in a bag and call it a day. But going to see your absolute best friend for one of the most exciting weekends in her life? This calls for breaking out your best outfits. Besides, when you plan on hitting the streets of Boston with you bestest, you know there will be pictures... so you wanna look good for that.

Don't worry... these pictures will follow when I return and recover. Believe me... we make the girls' weekends count, so I'll need a few days to rest when I get home.

Looks like my trip to DC is going to work out later in the summer... now I've just got to figure out if I'm going to make it up to Chicago as well. I've also still got a week on the beach in Florida and a trip over to Memphis to see DMB to look forward to. This is already shaping up to be a fabulous summer. Thanks for joining me via the old blog on my adventures!


peachy perspective said...

Oh yeah, girl, I hear ya on the packing mini-crisis (well, it's not really a crisis, but it's the only word I can think of right now). I have already been planning my packing for my European adventure this summer that's a little over a month away - trying not to stress!

Playful Professional said...

Wow you're pretty much hitting all the major cities this summer. I'm jealous. Good luck with packing. No matter what I do (unless of course I take my entire wardrobe) I always want something that I didn't bring when I actually reach my destination. Can you believe I tend to overpack?

Joe said...

What do you do when the outfits you try on get wrinkled and don't have the "never been worn before" look anymore? This is a constant crisis for me.