Thursday, June 12, 2008

She said, "I Think I'll Go to Boston..."

A little over 3 years ago, my best friend Steph decided to move to Boston to attend Harvard Law School. I remember I bought her a copy of Legally Blonde... not because I thought she's anything like Reese Witherspoon's character, but more because it was just funny and seemed like an appropriate congratulations kind of gift. I think she liked it if I remember correctly. I was so excited for her (though personally, I had hoped she'd choose Vanderbilt and be in the same city as me again... but I'd rather her do what's best for her and that was Harvard). I never felt surprised when she told me she had applied and got in... I always knew she's the kind of gal who goes out and achieves things. Big things.

All of that seems so long ago now... I think in part because so much has changed in both of our lives since that time.

One thing that hasn't changed? I'm still really proud of her. So on Wednesday afternoon, I headed to the airport full of excitment about going up to Boston for her graduation. And then I found out my plane was delayed for 2 hours. Yay, fun.

I finally got to Boston around 11:30 that night and found it to be quite cool. It remained cool the next day when we all headed to Harvard for the graduation... outside. But a little cool weather never hurt anyone (at least not until you go back to HOT weather and then your sinuses freak out like mine have last week, but I digress...) We had a terrific little lunch at the law school graduation (that included champagne, because that's how Harvard rolls) and proudly watched as Steph walked across the stage with much pomp and circumstance of her own and receive her very impressive Harvard diploma that she spent 3 years working her behind off for... By the way, "we" being her parents, sister, husband, me and her dad-in-law.

After the law school graduation was over, we headed across campus to the something-or-other theater (and I kind of wanted to tell the official Harvard people that it just looked like a big open space between buildings to me) for the last ceremony of the day... which turned out to be a meeting of the alumni association. I suppose they wanted to go on and rope in all the new alumni. We didn't mind, however, because the keynote speaker was none other than Ms. J.K. Rowling.

Yes, allow me to repeat it... I heard J.K. Rowling speak. Some of you might not give two flips, but as an avid reader/writer, I fell in love with the Harry Potter series. Rowling is an incredibly talented storyteller/writer with a vivid imagination. If I could write only half as well as she does, I'd be pretty pleased with myself. She was witty. She was smart. She shared some good ideas. I soaked up every moment.

The rest of Thursday was spent back at Steph's having a graduation party. She and some of her friends decided to have all of their families come over to get together for much pizza, salad, desserts, and plenty of beverages to choose from.

Friday was also rainy and cool, so we lounged around a bit and went out for a nice lunch. Steph and I stealed away for a few hours to do a little shopping while everyone else napped or caught a movie. I had to hit up the local H&M and scored a couple of cute tops, and Steph found a fabulous dress. I really wish we had H&M in Nashville. My emails to their contact on their website are apparently not getting through to them. After this, we had a nice dinner in the Harvard area and then spent the evening playing Rock Band.

This is when I decided Rock Band is my new favorite video game. I LOVE playing MarioKart on my Super NES, but I'm really tempted to go out and buy the system and Rock Band... or at least Guitar Hero. SO much fun.

Saturday we found the temperature had spiked to 90 degrees (it felt like home!) and the sun was out. We headed downtown on the train to have lunch and explore the Boston Commom and Beacon Hill area. Then it was back to the Harvard area to get dressed up and attend a tea. Yes, like a traditional tea. It was fantastic. There were savory and sweet things all around... chicken salad sandwiches, cheese biscuits, brownies.. yum! I tried out some mint tea and found it to be to my liking, and there were also glasses of champagen. I didn't realize you had champagne at a tea, but I didn't complain about having both a hot and cold beverage to go with all the treats.

We ordered dinner in and played some more Rock Band. Later that evening, I headed with Steph and Patrick to a quaint little Harvard pub called The Thirsty Scholar (fitting, no?). We met up with a few of Steph's friends and laughed and chatted the evening away.

We still had great weather on Sunday, so we went downtown to take a trolley tour around downtown Boston. Our tour guide/driver was fantastic... great sense of humor and sound effects to go along with the stories he shared. I've seen Chicago, NYC, San Diego, Dallas, Charlestown, and Las Vegas... and out of all of these big cities, though all uniquely different, I have to say that Boston is the one I find to be the most charming. I think it's because of the heavy European influence, and I love Europe.

After a quick lunch, it was time for Steph to whisk me off to the airport. Our weekends together always fly by faster than lightning it seems. We're hoping to plan a trip in September or so to go up to Toronto and visit our pal Amanda so that The Wrecking Crew can reunite at least once this year. And, the advantage of Steph moving to Chicago soon is that it's both easy and cheap to fly between Nashville and Chicago (in theory, anyways... obviously the fuel prices and airlines are making the "cheap" part more difficult.)

All in all, I had a fabulous weekend and was so excited to be part of such a big day in Steph's life. I had a terrific time celebrating with her and her family all weekend. I don't even mind that I came home and promptly got sick because of the crazy weather changes. It's totally worth it.

I'll post some of the pictures from the weekend in a separate post soon. I'm still not quite at feeling 100% better, but I definitely feel better today than I have all week. Thanks for welcoming me back and for all the comments saying you love the design.

There are several things on the horizon in my life that I'm feeling excited about. This summer has definitely gotten off to a good start, and I'm hoping it will keep going that way. Stay tuned for more on my summer adventures as the days go by.


Playful Professional said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I'm hoping for good things to come as well.

Lougan said...

its a pretty awesome office. minus the heat. and the lack of storage space (drawers). And the lack of stuff to do today.

Wow. I'm bored!

Glad your back in town though!

Mark Salinas said...

Fun reading! I have participated(finished both :))in two marathons and have recently signed up for another.It is always great to see marathon runners and their accomplished is such a motivator for me in my never ending fitness quest.

B2G said...

I kid you not, I was listening to Augustana when I opened your post. Also, I heart RockBand and MarioKart. Like a lot. Annnnd, I'm so glad you had a great time!

tootie said...

Ok, I'm so jealous that you heard J.K Rowling speak! I read the transcript of it online, and it seemed like an amazing speech.

Glad you had a good time!

smc said...

Our weekends DO go by too quickly.

I'm so glad you could come up and share graduation with me. You have been such a big part of my life that I can't imagine you NOT being there. Besides, the champagne just doesn't drink itself.

I hope we can work out Toronto in Sept. The wrecking crew must ride again!