Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Award Time

I have won an award! Thanks to Quirky is A Compliment for thinking that my blog is BRILLANTE! Like her, I'm guessing we're going with the British way of spelling... which makes me think of going around with a British accent and telling others that I think their blog is "bloody brillante." Heehee.

May I just say how I love that the blogging community enjoys bestowing blogging awards to one another? It reminds me of like the Oscars and stuff, where all the Hollywood people get together to celebrate how fabulous they all think that they are when it comes to the big screen. I don't even mean to be sarcastic... there's something nice about other writers coming back day in and day out to read what you're writing about your world. I appreciate the recognition!

I try to add my favorite blogs/daily reads to my blog roll and all are deserving of this award. I can't ever keep up with who has already received certain awards, either.

So, allow me to offer you a list of some new reads I've discovered that I am super excited to add to my Google Reader! (I realize this isn't really the award rules of pass it along to 7 blogs and all, but forgive me... I'm sometimes a rebel.)

Absolut(ly) Fit - I'm always a little excited to find great blogs written by other people who share my joy of running. It's a huge motivator to read about how much running other people are doing! I just found this chick last week and have been loving her archives as I try to catch up. She also has a terrific blogroll (many of other runners!) that I have spent way too much time perusing.

Was It For This - I'm pretty sure I saw that she already received this award from a fellow blogger pal of mine, but I have spent some time lately reading like her entire blog and love it! I have found from her past posts that she and I have a LOT in common. A DC blogger who stays fit and active, she offers posts on a huge variety of topics that I find to be interesting. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Before I'm Thirty - I've been reading this gal for a bit now, and I always really enjoy keeping up with her and how her running is going. Part of what I love about this blog world is being in touch with other people out there running and reaching for goals closely related to mine. She offers some great posts about running as well as some other random things that I always enjoy.


Sarah said...

Oooh thanks, Melanie! I'm glad you appreciate my randomness :)

Laura said...

Thanks, Melanie! And I love the Oscar comparison :)