Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Exciting List

Reasons I'm Excited Today:

  • I bought 16 books on today for $58. Sounds unreal, doesn't it? I'm just crafty that way. A lot of them were cheapies, but I did pick up a copy of Bart Yasso's My Life on the Run. He's one of those guys that's kind of a legend among distance runners, and after I read some excerpts in Runner's World and laughed my pants off I had to buy it. I also picked up a copy of The Writer's Market because I'm determined to make my dream of a being a freelance writer come true... we'll see how this goes. Everything else I picked up were just some super cheap novels by a variety of authors I'd been wanting to check out.
  • I'm going roller skating tomorrow night! The son of one of the guys I work with just turned 3, so we're going skating for his birthday party. I love roller skating. When I say I love it, it's because I went every Sunday afternoon for years as a kid.
  • After the roller skating, I'm going to the movies to see the Ultramarathon Man film. It's about Dean Karnazes, a distance runner who ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. From what I can tell, tomorrow is the only day it's playing. I'm super excited about watching this and hoping it will inspire me to get my butt in gear for my marathon training.
  • I'm excited about getting my butt in gear for marathon training. I've really felt great after the few runs and classes I've squeezed in, so after my last little trip this weekend I plan on kicking it into full gear.

Reasons I'm Not Excited Today:

  • The Borders website is a huge pain in the butt. It's soooo slow. I've used it several times over the past few days to create my shopping cart, and off of several different computers. It was annoying.
  • Remember this post about the super awesome wristlet purse I found at Target? Don't run out and buy one. Target really let me down this time. I carried it out for the FIRST time this weekend in DC, and the metallic looking color on the outside came off. Apparently the material the purse is made out of is actually white and then has the color painted on somehow, and it totally started rubbing off. I totally got my $19.99 plus tax back. The search is back on for an affordable and cute wristlet clutch for evenings out when I want to downsize my purse.

Something for you to be excited about? I'm going to get my DC pictures on my computer tonight and start working on the post all about the weekend. No promises, but I'm going to try to get it up by Friday. I don't want to get too far behind on writing about trips since I'll surely have things to share after my weekend at the DMB concert.


*aron* said...

thanks for stopping by my blog... and THANK YOU for the advice - just what i needed!

i am seeing marathon man tomorrow too! hoping to get pumped up for sunday!

sooo jealous you are going to DMB - i have seen them 4 times but its been a few years. they are amazing in concert.

B2G said...

I really love this one-

and actually a lot of them from Hobo International. Maybe a little spendy though. Good luck!