Thursday, July 10, 2008

Movies and Computers and Running, Oh My!

So in addition to doing some research about what to do in DC (thanks to the people who have already made a few suggestions - keep them coming!), I've also been spending some time doing a few other things.

Like last night... I stuck with staying in and enjoying some leisure. I came home from work and took a nap while it thunderstormed outside. I find that I enjoy an afternoon nap best when it's raining or storming. It doesn't really have much to do with the sound, though I do like listening to it. It's more that it gets dark enough in my room if the sun isn't out that I can get to sleep for an hour or so.

Then - I watched two movies. You would have thought it was the weekend the way I was curled up on the couch with a glass of wine and my cat (who has been spending every moment in my lap since I got home from vacation. If I'm not sitting, he's following me around and meowing and rubbing against my legs. He's REALLY glad I'm home).

First up, the film Definitely, Maybe. If you haven't seen it, watch it ASAP. I sometimes get tired of the numerous chick flicks that come out and are virtually all the same. This one? it's different. First of all, it's all from the man's point of view. Next, it's a love story that occurs over like 16 years. And finally, I smiled like the whole entire time I was watching. Seriously - I kept telling myself to quit grinning but next thing I'd know I'd find myself smiling again.

Then, I watched Mad Money. This wasn't quite as good as the first, especially since I watched them back to back. I still enjoyed it and found it interesting and funny. It wasn't a waste of time. Granted, I didn't go to bed until like an hour after I usually do, so it was a bit hard to get out of bed today.

Next up on things I've been up to: researching Macs. The sales tax holiday is coming up in a few weeks (unfortunately it's the same weekend that I go to see DMB, but I'll find a way to squeeze in some computer shopping in order to save myself some serious cash in sales tax). I had been pretty set on getting a MacBook, but now I'm kind of leaning toward the iMac. I don't have a need for a laptop. I don't ever need to take a computer with me somewhere. I like to have a computer at home for email, iTunes, making cds, loading pictures, and playing on the Internet. I sometimes think I'll go to grad school eventually, but with that not being in the immediate plan I just don't see any reason to need a laptop. So I'm planning on going to the Apple store soon to investigate and decide for sure what I want... and to find out if I can get it sales tax free if I order online that weekend. And ask about the refurbished ones because I could save even more cash. If anyone has any pointers, let me know. I've used Macs before, but this will be the first I own.

And finally, my mind has been on running... which is good since my body hasn't. I seriously have been a total running slacker, but I have to keep in mind the sinus infection really kind of put me down for the count the past few weeks. I'm finally breathing through my nose again (and with my mouth closed), so it looks like it might be clearing up soon. I'm still a bit congested and have no intentions of going for a run until at least Saturday.

However - I'm going to get back in it with gusto. I spent some time perusing some other runner's blogs and found that I'm really starting to get excited about starting my training for the Memphis marathon. I had intended on being a bit more in a running habit before I started it, but I guess since I had no problems with the 10-mile race a few weeks ago that I do still have a decent base.

I need to sit down in the next few days and iron out my training plan and figure out when my longest runs will be and when I want to do some cross training and all sorts of things like that. I know that you may be wondering why I wouldn't just do what I did before the last 3 marathons... well, I have an answer.

Everytime I've trained for one, I've trained differently. For my first one, I just wanted to run and finish, so I trained by following a plan in a book for first time marathoners and running a really slow pace for all runs. My second marathon I decided to follow another plan from another book, but this one added in some speedwork. The third one I followed a plan I found in Runner's World that said quality is better than quantity and ran 3 days a week: a speedworkout, a tempo run and a long run.

So this time, I'm pretty much sticking with what I did last time because I cut 26 minutes off my time with it and figure that's awesome and that i can continue to shave time by running a variety of types of runs 3 days a week. However... I'm making a few changes. First, I'm adding in some things I found from Lance Armstrong's marathon training plan. The dude is a tremendous athlete and I figure it can't hurt to try some of his speed workouts and such. Next, I'm really going to focus more on good core workouts. You can be a stronger runner who doesn't fatigue as quickly when your core is stronger. So I intend to spend some time with my abs DVD I love as well as taking some yoga classes. I intend on hitting the spin classes for a little cross training on non-running days once or twice a week to keep the legs strong without the impact of running. And the biggest change? I'm running 26 miles twice before I go run the marathon.

I know - it's crazy. But I really think that even though I finished the Huntsville marathon 26 minutes faster than my previous one, I could have done even better if I didn't feel so tired the last hour. I think I felt so tired for the last hour because even though I ran a 20-miler, it only took like 3.5 hours to do. I hadn't been on my feet for over that time in my training, so of course when I tried to do it in the race my body was like "WTH?! Stop running... we aren't used to this!"

So, my longest runs this time around will be 26 instead of 20 so that when I go to run the Memphis marathon I will have done it already (twice) in the month and a half before and my body will not be shocked that we're running so long.

It makes sense to me.

So I'm excited... a DC trip is on the horizon as well as a DMB concert... and a new computer... and busting my butt to try to get another marathon PR.

Life is good.


Jamie Lovely said...

You will love owning a Mac. Mine is the best purchase I've made. I love that I can take it anywhere if I need to, vacation, coffee shop, boyfriend's so he can install programs or music. It's just so much more convenient!

Crazy Daisy said...

OOH! I love MACS. You will never look back! :-)

I would for sure check out the online store as well (if you haven't already) They have refurbished stuff listed. It will give you pricing ideas. Or maybe you will see something you like and order online.

Hmm. Not a student... darn. They have the super special for students/educators right now. Buy a mac, get a free ipod/itouch!

I like my MacBook Pro and take it everywhere. However I do understand the benefits of a desktop.

Also, if you buy instore, ask about having them transfer files from your old computer to your new one. They can even do this if your old computer isn't apple.

I think there is also a deal with $100 off a printer with computer purchase.

You can purchase Windows for the mac and it is seemless as ever (if you have programs from your old computer that you must use on your new that are only windows.

I think that is all... sorry for the huge comment! :)

B2G said...

I HATE being sick simply for the fact that I fall out of my workout routine. It sucksssssss!

Miss H said...

Melanie, please update your blog address for me... I changed my web address! Have a great weekend!

L Sass said...

I LOVE Macs. They're so great! I just had to switch to a PC for my grad school. I'm still missing my MacBook!