Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Baby Sister is Legal!

My sister is a little more than four years younger than me. It's true that we're closer now than we were when we were younger, but I don't think that had much to do with our age. I liked to read books (often hiding in my closet with a flashlight tied to a piece of yarn hanging from the clothes pole like an over head light... what? you didn't know that was the way all the cool kids read?). She likes to play with little houses and people that fit in them. I liked to stay in my room and go on traveling adventures with my imaginary friends (believe me, I saw the world before I ever actually got on a place). She'd rather play Guess Who? with someone.

It seems she's getting all grown up this days, what with turning 21 last week and all. I've included some pictures of the celebrating we did. I have to say... it's kind of nice that now I can invite her out to some of the cool places around Nashville when I go.

We started the celebration with dinner with family and friends at the Olive Garden. This is her with her boyfriend. And yes, it's a little odd to see my baby sister with a boyfriend. She shouldn't be old enough to be holding hands with someone in front of me.

This is us at her apartment where we had cake and opened presents.

The next night, we went downtown to our favorite piano bar, The Big Bang. Seriously, if you want to know where to go in Nashville and you only have time for one place, go here. I've never had a bad time.

Me with my sis and pal Crystal... I got the totally awesome top at Banana Republic when I was in Gatlinburg. Note: Silky tops are great for sitting at a bar. They are not great for when you get sweaty dancing (which was not expected) later in the night.

She had her first drink! (And it was the only one... she's not into drinking for the time being.)

We moved down Broadway to the Cadillac Ranch (come on people, it's Nashville...) and danced for about two hours. The above picture shows how we felt about the fog machine on the dance floor.

Close up of me and the sis

Seriously, we danced for hours and were all one hot mess by the end of the night. My shirt was almost dripping. Do they not put a/c in bars?


B2G said...

Oh fun fun fun! Posts like this really make me wish I had a sister.

L Sass said...

I always have to think about the sweat / dry cleaning factor when I choose what to wear to a dancing event!

Glad your sis had such a fun birthday!