Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vacation Guest Post #5

Little known fact about B2G - I run.

Does that surprise you? It's true, I do! Just like Melanie!

For example, I run when I hear the ice cream truck music down the street. I always run to shelter when I'm caught in the rain, and in my dreams I run into the arms of this guy.

What's that? That's not how Melanie runs? You don't know. Maybe that's exactly how she runs.

You do know? She talks about it all the time?

K, fine. You win. Happy?

I used to run. Seriously. And actually, just like Mel does. Kind of.

In 6th grade I was on the cross country team. I ran the mile. And one time, I placed!

Sure, it was 7th place.

Out of 13.

But hey! That's almost the top half. I have a little purple ribbon that says so.

Anyway, I ran the mile. And it was hard. And around the parts of the course where no one was watching? I totally walked.

Because I HATE running.

My best friend from ages 13 to 20 was a runner. A hardcore I'm-going-to-the-Olympics runner. I heard all about the PRs, the competitors, the training, the courses. I went to the meets at her high school, and the yearly State meets with her parents, which were always two hours away. I was dedicated. And it was all fine and dandy, but I NEVER wanted to do it. THE MILE was enough for me back in 6TH GRADE. Forget about 4.6 miles or 9.3k or whatever they run nowadays.

Despite my hated for running, (yes, the elliptical at the gym is my friend...was my friend. Until I left it for TB. This really isn't looking good for me, is it?) I think what Mel does is really, really cool. I'm jealous. I have mad respect. I wish I could bust out a 100k marathon.

It's really that I could never wear underwear for shorts.

Hmm... maybe I would if I looked like her in them.

Love ya, Mel! Have fun on vacation!


Lougan said...

Who wouldn't want to run into the arms of Han Solo... haha. I would, at least if I had a choice between him an Chewbacca

Maxie said...

I'm not a runner either. I ran every day last year for like 2 months and it was awesome. Then I fell off the wagon. I haven't looked back since.

ZestyB said...

shoots, i don't run unless i'm being chased. and maybe not even then...sometimes it's better to get caught.

ooh, not true. i did run after my baby yesterday. she toddled into the street and suddenly went deaf. not cool.

Beth said...

I also despise running. I'm not even sure that if I were being chased that I would actually run.

I'd probably start out running, silently praying in my head that my chaser (making me the chasee?) won't catch me. But then my side would probably cramp after 40 seconds or so and i'd give up.