Monday, August 4, 2008

Dave Matthews Band Road Trip to Memphis

As many of you know (because I've been writing about it for weeks), I headed to Memphis this past weekend to go to the Dave Matthews Band concert. I'm sure you've all been eagerly anticipating pictures and a few good stories from the weekend. I'm here to meet that need.

My pal Crystal went with me, and we started our trip on Friday with a quick dinner at Subway. I'm of the opinion that road trips require all sorts of random pictures, so we took one with Jared! And yes, I am sporting a Dave Matthews Band t-shirt. It seemed appropriate.

I don't know how many of my readers are from Tennessee or familiar with our fine state, but the drive from Nashville to Memphis is BORING. Seriously. I've driven from here to Knoxville numerous times (and maybe that's why it doesn't phase me anymore) and find it to be a much more interesting drive. Going to Memphis feels like running on a treadmill: you're moving, but you don't feel like you're getting any closer.

We finally arrived and settled in at the home of my sister's boyfriend's grandmother. One of the things I love about the south is that we do things like staying with random people that we only know through other people.

We had spotted a Flying Saucer on the way to her house and decided we'd go hang out there for a bit and then call it an early night in preparation for the next day. I had discovered a friend would be in town (and you should click that link to visit his awesome music blog), and it turned out that he and some of his friends were already at the FS. How random and crazy is that?

So we joined them and quickly made friends. We laughed. We talked. We had some good beer. They gave me a hard time for my DMB shirt and how it says "Facebook" on the sleeve. Can I help it FB was a sponsor of the 06 tour?

I'm not sure how these guys feel about being on my blog, so I'll call them B1, G, and B2. Talk of blogging came up as we chilled on the patio ("chilled" not being intended to describe the weather, which was sticky and in the 90s even at night). G was VERY concerned about his debut on my blog. So this next sentence is for him: "G proved to be a strapping young lad that Crystal and I both found to be both personable and possessing of a fine sense of humor." You're welcome, G.

The above and below photo are from our time at the FS on Friday. Good times. Good guys. You know how you can hang out with a group of guys and immediately know if they're good ones or if they're complete and utter jerks that you'd never want to see again? We found these to be the kind we wanted to hang out with again, so plans were made to have a BBQ lunch together the next day at Neely's.

Lunch was quite delicious and full of good conversation and many laughs. Crystal and I were a little out of the loop as the boys remembered some of their good times in college, but we also enjoyed a few of their stories. And it turns out G likes Bright Eyes, so he worked his way up a bit on the likeability scale.

After lunch, Crystal and I ran by Best Buy to pick up a jump drive. It was NOT tax-free, and I found this somewhat irritating. How is a jump drive NOT considered a school supply? It was at least on sale, so I bought it anyways and will find it useful in transferring some files from the PC to my new MAC (which should be here on Friday, hooray!)

On our way back to the house, we passed a sunflower field where a bunch of people were taking pictures. As any good road trippers would do, we pulled over to snap some photos, too. I'm really glad we did because the contrast of the yellow flowers and the blue skies is gorgeous.

We showered to get rid of the smell of our day (the heat index was 110) and got ready to head downtown for the show. Above you'll see us with our tickets. Below you'll see me trying to be the DMB headless dancer. Other than not being able to be headless, I think I pull it off well. It must have something to do with the 16 years of ballet.

It took a little longer than we'd like to park, but once the car was safely in a garage (with no valuables in plain sight because - come on people - it's Memphis) we headed toward the baseball stadium and found a T.G.I.Friday's. It was happy hour. We had a few drinks and eventually were joined by B1, G, and B2 before walking across the street to the show.

The next group of pictures are all from the concert. Yes, I did indeed sneak my camera in. I'd never been brave enough in the past to try it when I saw them in Nashville, so I was pretty glad to be able to get some good pictures.

He sang some of my favorite older stuff, in particular "Crash Into Me." He also sang a few of their new songs that will be on their next album. I was certainly not disappointed in the song selection, and I definitely spent a lot of time dancing and singing along.

Unfortunately, a baseball stadium is NOT the best place for a concert. The portable things holding up the speakers were kind of in the way, but we could still see and get some terrific shots of the band.

Willie Nelson opened the show, and he returned to the stage to sing "Gravedigger" with the band.

A true DMB fan will also be familiar with Tim Reynolds. I've said for years that I want to see him play with DMB live, and on Saturday night that dream came true. He played EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. with them. It was awesome. (Note: All of the captions between the concert pictures correspond with the picture above the caption.)

Classic Dave

Carter on drums

Boyd doing his amazing thing

Tim Reynolds!

Dave and that raised eyebrow

Stefan - by far the sexiest bass player EVER

Our favorite fellows weren't seated with us, but we hooked back up with them after the show to hit the town and have some food. Our restaurant experience wasn't the best (our waitress seemed to not exist, we didn't get everything we ordered, etc.), but I'm pretty sure we ended up with a $13 bill because B2 rocks and spoke with a manager about the bad experience.

It didn't ruin the evening. We had a terrific time hanging out, and I enjoyed my chocolate mousee cake. B1 caught me off guard at one point while at the table, but in a very good way. :) He didn't seem so concerned about what I'd write about him on my blog like G seemed to be, but I'll go on and throw out there that he also proved himself to be a lot of fun to hang out with. Heck, all 3 of them were a total blast. We were pretty lucky gals to find such a fine group of guys to spend time with during such a terrific weekend.

It certainly ended up being a late night, and Crystal and I definitely had to sleep in a bit before we'd be ready to make the drive back home.

It was around lunchtime when we woke up, so we headed to Cracker Barrell to have lunch with A. A is the brother of one of my best friends from college. We've met before on several occasions and since he lives in Memphis it only made sense to squeeze in a meal together. He had really wanted to go to the concert, so I helped him live vicariously through me as I told him all about the show.

After lunch and a quick visit to my sister's boyfriend's house to see the two of them (she had gone to visit him for the weekend), Crystal and I headed back to Nashville. The drive home seemed even more boring since we weren't driving toward something super exciting. However, we both agree it was a truly fantastic weekend. We had some great girl talk. We hung out with an awesome group of guys. We freaking saw Dave Matthews Band and Tim Reynolds!!! The concert alone made it one heck of an awesome weekend, and everything else just added more to it.

This was the first time I've gone out of town to see a concert, and I decided it's totally worth it. This weekend may have given me some of my best DMB concert memories to date.

In case anyone is curious, here's the setlist from the concert:

Don't Drink the Water
Old Dirt Hill
Eh Hee
Water/Wine Jam
Tripping Billie
The Song That Jane Likes
Drive In Drive Out
Burning Down The House
So Damn Lucky
Crash Into Me
Corn Bread
Where Are You Going
Smooth Rider
Louisiana Bayou
Two Step

Anyone Seen the Bridge? ...>
Too Much (Tease)
Ants Marching

What a terrific weekend. Other than a trip in September to Canada, this pretty much wraps up my crazy summer of traveling. I definitely found it to be a fine way to kind of finish my summer trips. I also can't wait for their new album to be released. If you're not a DMB fan, you should be. Period. :)


Jackie said...

I went to like 8 or 9 concerts when I was in high school and college, and I used to track the set list too! I would check off how many times I had heard certain songs (I think I heard Stay at every concert) and which ones I still hadn't heard.

My favorite experience, was in Rochester on December 16th, 2002 (yes, I just looked up the set list to find the actual date) and they played part of Halloween and all of Watchtower! Two songs I was dying to hear. And it was snowing like crazy and Dave started the concert by welcoming everyone to the Winter Wonderland...oh, just so perfect! The next day (17th) we high tailed it to Albany (which is all the way across the state) for that night's concert...and he played Christmas Song!

Chris said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Seriously, I'm jealous.

*aron* said...

ohhhh looks like SO much fun!!! so jealous :) i heart dave!

The Bona Fide Preppy Bride said...

Your firedancer pic cracks me up! Thats awesome! They freaking played Halloween on Tuesday night in Cincinnati... it was AWESOME!! The whole crowd was chanting "Halloween" and they started to play Everyday, but it was a fake and they played Halloween!! I still get chills thinking about it!