Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally Friday

This week has seemed to DRAG by. I'm really looking forward to the weekend for sure!

Yesterday I kicked butt on the treadmill. I just do a 4-mile tempo run, but I pushed to maintain a 9:00 m/mile pace so that I can work on getting some of my speed back. It felt so good to hammer it out. I also started working on breaking in my new Brooks Adrenaline shoes!

I also picked up my passport from it's safe spot so that I wouldn't forget when it's time to make my trip to Canada in a few weeks. I haven't used it since 2005 (sad) and forgotten how terrible the picture is that I had taken for it back in 2002. There's something really fun about passport stamps, and I like seeing the ones I've collected. There are still a LOT of empty spots, so I want to work on filling them in!

I haven't hit much on the Olympics in the past few days, so let's cover a few bases:
  • Women's Beach Volleyball - Heck yes, USA! Way to win Gold 2 Olympics in a row! I have never really be into volleyball, but there's something I like about watching Kerri and Misty play. I swear my heart was pounding for the whole second half of the second match. I was so nervous for them, and then I was ecstatic when they won. They're amazing! I also wouldn't mind if I had stomachs like either one of them... that may be some new inspiration for me when I do core workouts. I also liked the way they handled their interview and that they thanked the president. I felt like that was a very patriotic thing to do.
  • Men's Beach Volleyball - I won't lie, I fell asleep before it was over. (All these late nights are catching up). I was tickled to see they won this morning. But did anyone else notice the music they played during breaks in the match. "Whoomp! There it is!" Maybe the Chinese people in charge of the music thinks we still listen to that over here?
  • The MEN'S MARATHON is Saturday night at 6:30pm (CST). I will of course tune in at some point if I'm anywhere near a tv. Read Ryan Hall's blog here to read about his preparations for the race. He's favored for silver, but I hope he wins gold!!
  • If you want to see a bunch of Olympic pictures that haven't been making it to the news articles, go to this page. It's not in English, but the pictures tell you everything you need to know. Be warned: every now and then there's one that's kind of gross.
  • I about had enough of the track events yesterday when BOTH the men and women of the 4x100 relay teams dropped the baton during the final handoff. I also didn't understand why when they were asked what happened they respond with, "I don't know." Well, it's easy... you didn't get the baton.

Yesterday when I was driving home there was a man riding a bike in front of me who would NOT get out of the middle of the road. He was also wobbling all over the place. He finally moved enough that I could get around him, and I saw he was smoking a cigarette! I really wanted to roll down my window and let him know the bike riding would be easier if he wasn't smoking.

I also saw the Goodyear blimp on my drive home. No lie. It was random.

I'm super excited about volunteering at a 5K tomorrow morning. The race is held on the campus of my college and usually has a really good turnout. I'm also spending the afternoon at a birthday party for my friend's one-year-old. It should be good times.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and enjoys the last bit of the Olympics! I'm counting down the minutes until time to leave the office because it is GORGEOUS outside and I'm ready to go be in it!


D said...

Just me or the theme of those photos should have been butts? It seemed like almost everyone was someone's rear end in the air! :) Maybe if it were in English I'd understand, or perhaps that's just part of athletics?

*aron* said...

have a GREAT weekend!

Sarah said...

Thanks for reminding me about the men's marathon - I just jumped up and turned it on. Hope you have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Ugh, I can't believe someone would smoke and bike. Talk about counterproductive!